Brain Chill! UM Neuroscience Summer Research Students and Faculty Beat the Heat with a River Float

Neuroscience faculy and students floating in the river.

UM’s summer neuroscience research program provides a great opportunity for students to fully immerse themselves in the laboratory and get valuable hands-on experience.  This summer also provided a chance for them, their lab-mates and their faculty mentors to also immerse themselves in the awesome rivers surrounding Missoula.

The summer program provides students with paid internships as they spend 10-12 weeks working in the research group of a UM neuroscientist.  In addition to laboratory experience, the program also includes learning activities to expand student’s knowledge base in the neurosciences and enhance scientific communication skills.  The hands-on training not only helps put their classwork in perspective, but has often served as a launching point for a future career in biomedical/biotech sectors. 

As the photos below readily demonstrate, a summer on UM’s campus is not “all work and no play”.  Indeed, the best mantra is: “Work hard, Play hard!”

Close up of UM Neuroscience students and faculty floating in the river.Close up of UM Neuroscience students and faculty floating in the river.