Neuroscience Dual BS/MS Degree Application

Application Check List

Complete the application form and  uplad application materials (with the exception of letters of reccomendation) as ONE PDF when prompted.

  • Most recent transcript (unofficial)
  • Interest statement (a personal statement describing your interests in the program, general research interests, and future goals) Limit 1 page
  • Research project statement (a description of the project / project area you intend on pursuing for your MS degree) Limit 1 page
  • Letter of recommendation from your current research mentor
  • Letter of recommendation from a neuroscience course instructor other than your research mentor
  • A plan of study for completing the required courses / credits for both your BS and MS degree

Please request that letters of reccomendation be submitted to:

Professor Richard Bridges
(Skaggs Building Rm 390)

Application Form

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