What is OREOS?

The Office of Research and Educational Opportunities (OREOS) is established as a permanent office within DBS. OREOS unites and leverages the organization and management of existing training grants and educational programs and facilitates new efforts and future applications for these types of programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Further, the office is an identifiable and readily accessible entry point for prospective students, as well as those already in such programs. In the future, the office might also serve as an umbrella for other educational opportunity programs such as NSF-REU programs and other programs primarily serving underrepresented groups and minorities.

OREOS is located on the first floor of the Health Sciences building (room 106) proximal to the DBS main office to provide visibility and access by students, allow interactions with other DBS staff, and facilitate ready access by involved faculty while performing other duties within DBS. The development of OREOS is timely for the existing large educational grant programs including the NSF-IGERT Montana - Ecology of Infectious Disease and the HHMI funded Montana Integrative Learning Experience for Students, an undergraduate research and education program. OREOS serves to insure that large educational opportunity programs always have adequate infrastructure and sustained administrative and clerical support.