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Anita Santasier

Anita Santasier


Office: SB 136
Fax: 243-2795

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Curriculum Vitae

Current Position

Chair and Associate Professor, University of Montana


Current Courses

PT 519 Musculoskeletal Management I

PT 523 Clinical Medicine I: Intro to Med

PT 560 Clinical Reasoning I

PT 576 Clinical Reasoning II


Past Courses

HAY 570 Case Studies I

HAY 552 Research Design & Statistics                           

HAY 507 Orthopedic PT

HAY 508 Orthopedic PT

HAY 572 Case Studies III

HAY 558 Evidence Based Practice

HAY 563 Teaching and Learning

HAX 656 Qualitative Research

HAX 656 Teaching and Learning


Exercise Principles


PhD in Physical Therapy, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

MS in Allied Health Administration with Honors, CUNY @ Hunter College, NY, NY  

BS with a Certificate in Physical Therapy, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Research Interests

Daphne-Wong, S, Santasier AM. The impact of an intergenerational program on the attitudes and behaviors of OT students and elders.
(qualitative data collection ongoing)

Santasier AM, Squillace, M, Sisto, SA, The physical, emotional and psychological outcomes of a residential program on individuals with SCI.  (qualitative data collection ongoing) 


Grant title: Effort Capacity and Choice: Investigating a Dynamic Model of Participation. Funder: National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR)  at the Administration for Community Living (ACL).Grant program: Field Initiated Projects Program (Research) Funding opportunity number: HHS-2016-ACL-NIDILRR-IF-0124 Award amount:  $600,000; UMPT Sub Award: $75,000 Ravesloot C, Greiman L, Anita Santasier, Ostertag S, Blair M et al. Role: Collaborator and key personnel. 2016

Project Title:  Dreams Deferred: Discourse and Photo Exhibition.Granting Agency: Dialogues Across Differences, Stony Brook University. Amount of Award: $1000. Robbye Kinkade, Jeanine Engelmann, Anita Santasier (co-investigator), Deborah Firestone. 2008

Project Title: A quantitative and qualitative study of factors that affect student failure in the classroom, clinic and/or licensing board exam. Granting Agency:  Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Amount of Award: $10,000.00. Anita Santasier (Principal Investigator), Elizabeth Vanner (Statistician). 2007

Project Title: Development and implementation of a pilot intergenerational golf mentor program for gang-affiliated youths. Granting Agency: SHTM Mini Grant. Amount of Award: $2,000.00.Alexander Lopez and Kyle Hewson; Pamela Block (Mentor and Co-Investigators), Anita Santasier (Co-Investigator), Elizabeth Vanner (Statistician).

Project Title: Promoting Diversity in Undergraduate Professional Education Granting Agency: Student Life Council at SBU Community Development Grant, ‘98, ‘99 & 2000 Anita Santasier (Principal Investigator)

Levangie P. Santasier A. M.; Stout N. L.; Pfalzer L. (2011)  A qualitative assessment of upper quarter dysfunction reported by physical therapists treated for breast cancer or treating breast cancer sequellae. Support Care Cancer. Sep;19(9):1367-78.

Santasier A. M.. Plack, M. M. (2007) Assessing Professional Behaviors Using Qualitative Data Analysis. Journal of Physical Therapy Education.  21(3):29-37Plack, M. M., Santasier, A. M. (2004) Reflective practice: a model for facilitating critical thinking and professional behaviors within an integrative case studies classroom experience. Journal of Physical Therapy Education, 18(1):4-12

Santasier, A. M. (2004) The Factors that Influenced Individuals from Select Ethnically Diverse Groups to Become Physical Therapists, a Qualitative Study. (Dissertation)

McNurlan, M. A., Garlick, P. J., Steigbigel, R. T., DeCristofaro, K. A., Frost, R. A., Lang, C. H., Johnson, R. W Santasier, A. M., Cabahug, C. J., Fuhrer, J., Gelato, M. C. (1997). Responsiveness of muscle protein synthesis to growth hormone administration in HIV - infected individuals declines with severity of disease. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 100:2125-2132

Peer Reviewed Scientific and Professional Presentations:

Santasier AM, Wainwright SM, Nixon-Cave K, McGinnis PQ. Avoiding Pitfalls in Qualitative Research. 2 hour programming. APTA Combined Section Meeting, Anaheim, CA. February 2016.
Santasier AM, Dapice Wong SJ. The Impact of an Earth Centered, Intergenerational, Community Based Program. Poster presentation. OT Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. April, 2016

Johnson T, Wainwright SM, McGinnis PQ, Santasier AM.  Tips for developing Mixed-Methods Research. 2 hour programming. APTA Combined Section Meeting, San Diego, CA. January 2013.

Santasier AM, Wainwright SM.  Dismantling the Secrets of the Journey, PT à PT, PhD. Half day programming. APTA Combined Section Meeting, Chicago, IL. February 2012.

Santasier AM, Wainwright SM.  Factors that facilitate the transition from PT to PT, PhD.  Poster presentation. APTA Combined Section Meeting, Chicago, IL. February 2012.

Santasier AM, Wainwright SM, McGinnis PQ, Nixon-Cave K.  Comprehensive Data Analysis in Qualitative Research:  Making Sense of the Data. Half day programming. APTA Combined Section Meeting, New Orleans, LA. February 2011.

Santasier AM, Wainwright SM, McGinnis PQ, Nixon-Cave K.  Refining your Interviewing Skills as a Qualitative Researcher Half day programming. APTA Combined Section Meeting, New Orleans, LA. February 2011.

Santasier AM, Wainwright SM, McGinnis PQ, Nixon-Cave K.  Broaden Your Options:  Develop Skills as a Mixed Method Researcher. Full day preconference. APTA Combined Section Meeting, San Diego, CA. February 2010.

Santasier AM, Wainwright SM, McGinnis PQ, Nixon-Cave K.  Mixed Methods Research:  Using Qualitative Methods to Enrich your Research Results. Half day session. APTA Combined Section Meeting, Las Vegas, NV.  February 2009.

Santasier AM, Graham C, Rheault W. Secrets of Success:  Publishing in the Journal of Physical Therapy Education. Invited programming. 3 hour workshop. APTA Combined Section Meeting, Boston, MA. February 2007 and Nashville, TN.  February 2008.

Santasier AM, Vanner E, DeChiaro-Pfisterer.  A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of PT Student Failure: Factors that Contribute to Poor Performance on the National Physical Therapy Licensing Exam. Poster presentation. APTA Combined Section Meeting, Nashville, TN.  February, 2008.

Santasier AM, Plack MM. Beyond Knowledge and Skill: Linking Qualitative Data Analysis with Reflective Practice to Assess Student Outcomes in the Classroom and Clinic 1 day preconference workshop.  APTA National Conference, Orlando, Florida, June 2006

Santasier AM. Diverse clients/caregivers cite factors consistent with PT core values as important to the client/provider interaction: a qualitative study. Platform Presentation, CSM, San Diego, CA, Feb 2006.

LeVangie P, Gallatano ML, Santasier AM, et al. A Qualitative Approach to Understanding Long Term Effects on Shoulder Function of Treatment for Breast Cancer:  Musculoskeletal Impairments, Functional Limitations, and Disability. Summary and Panel Discussion, Focus Group Facilitator and Panelist, CSM, San Diego, CA, Feb 2006.

Santasier AM, Plack MM. The scholarship of teaching and learning: using qualitative data analysis to assess course outcome.  Half day educational programming, APTA National Conference, Boston, MA, June 2005.

Santasier AM. Factors that influenced black versus white individuals in their successful pursuit of physical therapy school admission.  Poster presentation, CSM, New Orleans, Louisiana, Feb 2005.

Santasier AM. Factors that influenced Hispanic versus white individuals in their successful pursuit of physical therapy school admission. Poster presentation, CSM, New Orleans, Louisiana, Feb 2005.

Santasier AM. Pro Bono Physical Therapy care as a means to promote the profession and foster student growth. Poster presentation, CSM, Nashville, Tennessee, Feb 2004.


2015 Educational Leadership Award

Education Section of the APTA, February 2015

SHTM Faculty Honor Award, 2002

Nominated for the SHTM Faculty Honor Award, 2005, 2008, 2010

Farmingdale High School Wall of Fame Inductee, Spring 2005

Stanford Award, recognized by the Journal of Physical Therapy Education as  the author of the most valuable article published within the journal that year, 2004                                

“Adopt-a-Doc” Scholarship from the Education Section of the APTA, 2004

Orthopedic Certified Specialist, certification 1993; recertified 2003

Presidential Award for Excellence in Diversity and Affirmative Action, SUNY Stony Brook 2002

SUNY at Stony Brook Women’s Hall of Fame Inductee, 2002

The Robert Salant Award for Research, NYPTA Conference, 1997

Presidential Mini-grant for Innovative Teaching Projects:

Ergonomic Assessment and Intervention of Employees’ Workstations, 1997


Teaching Experience

Chair and Associate Professor, University of Montana, 2015 – present

Faculty member, Stony Brook University, 1993 – 2015

Physical Therapy Department, Entry-level DPT and tDPT

Clinical Associate Prof, 2005 – present;

Clinical Assistant Prof, 1993 – 2005

Director of PT Education, 2004 – 2013

Program Director (SB campus), 2013 - 2014                                                          

PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences - Interdisciplinary Program

Clinical Associate Prof, 2012 - 2015

Instructor for licensing review course

Scorebuilders Inc. 2008 – present

Guest lecturer for Qualitative Research, 2014 - present

Ithaca College, Physical Therapy Program (teleconference)   

Adjunct Professor, Touro College: 1992 – 2013

Transitional DPT program in Orthopedics: 2005 – 2013

Advanced Masters’ Program in Orthopedics, 1995 – 2004

Entry-level Masters’ Program, July 1992- 1997 

Professional Experience

Physical Therapist, 2011 - 2015
Full Circle Physical Therapy, Mineola , NY
Physical Therapy for the Breast Cancer survivor    

Independent Practitioner - providing PT care in a variety of settings: (home, orthopedic office, nursing home and infant/toddler center, 1992 - present.


Member, American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) 1982 - present

Orthopedic, Research and Education Section Member

Chairperson of Qualitative Research SIG 2010 - present

Member, Long Island District of the NYPTA, 1982 - present