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Shalom Kristanugraha

Shalom Kristanugraha

Office: LA 159
Office Hours:

Fridays 12:00-13:00

Personal Summary

Shalom originally hails from the volcanic islands of Indonesia. Before finding their way to glacial Montana in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Environmental Philosophy, Shalom found home in Michigan, Kentucky, England, and Massachusetts. Growing up in and between and across so many places has made Shalom an avid observer of landscapes and the multiplicity of lives—both human and other-than-human—that emerge, disperse, and change within and with them. Though equally comfortable in and curious about urban and rural environments, Shalom has increasingly been drawn to exploring the uniqueness and complexity of American wilderness(es)—something they first got a taste of on a 12-day canoeing expedition in the Adirondacks during their freshman year of college.

Nowadays, Shalom spends a lot of time pondering over the question of what it means to live and die well in this era of anthropogenic climate change and, relatedly, the Anthropocene. When not staying up too late at night thinking, Shalom enjoys taking long walks, fixing bikes, reading ethnographies, drawing comics, and roughhousing with friends.