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Paul Muench

Paul Muench

Dept. Chair, Professor of Philosophy, Undergraduate Advisor

Office: LA 151
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Office Hours:

Tue, 2-3; Wed, 12-3; or by appointment

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Current Position

Professor of Philosophy


Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

Nineteenth-Century Continental Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, History of Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Literature and Film

Selected Publications

“Pursuing Kierkegaard,” Interview with Richard Marshall, 3:16 (May 17, 2019). 

“Andreas Frederik Beck's Review of Kierkegaard’s On the Concept of Irony,” Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook, eds. Heiko Schulz, Jon Stewart, and Karl Verstrynge (de Gruyter, 2018), 359-395. 

“Thinking Death into Every Moment: The Existence-Problem of Dying in Kierkegaard’s Postscript,” Kierkegaard and Death, eds. Patrick Stokes and Adam Buben (Indiana University Press, 2011), 101-121. 

“Kierkegaard’s Socratic Pseudonym: A Profile of Johannes Climacus,” Kierkegaard’s Concluding Unscientific Postscript: A Critical Guide, ed. Rick Anthony Furtak (Cambridge University Press, 2010), 25-44. 

“Socratic Irony, Plato’s Apology, and Kierkegaard’s On the Concept of Irony,” Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook, eds. Niels Jørgen Cappelørn, Hermann Deuser, and K. Brian Söderquist (de Gruyter, 2009), 71-125. 

“Kierkegaard’s Socratic Point of View,” A Companion to Socrates, eds. Sara Ahbel-Rappe and Rachana Kamtekar (Blackwell, 2006; rev. ed. 2009), 389-405. 

Home Department

Department of Philosophy 

Area of Expertise

Ancient Philosophy; History of Analytic Philosophy; Nineteenth-Century Continental Philosophy; Philosophy of Literature and Film

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