Core Environmental Philosophy Courses

G 501 Philosophy of Technology 3 cr. Offered every two years. The intent of the course is to provide students with a command of the standard views of science and technology and with an understanding of the deep structure of science and the deep structure technology and of the connections between these two structures.  Sample syllabus. 

G 502 Topics in Value Theory 3 cr. Offered every two years. Some of the more influential or interesting works to appear in moral philosophy or aesthetics in the last decade are covered.  Sample syllabus.

G 504 Topics in Environmental Philosophy 3 cr.  Offered every two years. Same as EVST 504. Critical study/discussion of current (as well as benchmark) texts and issues in environmental ethics, environmental politics, and the philosophy of ecology. Recent topics include: Thoreau, ethical dilemmas of wilderness management, the moral status of other animals,  care and place, nature and culture,and place and mind.  Interdisciplinary; open to concerned students from all disciplines.  Sample syllabus.

G 505 Issues in the Anthropocene 3 cr.  Offered every two years. This seminar covers a range of topics that have emerged at the dawn of the Anthropocene epoch including the nature/culture distinction, the natural and post-natural, wilderness and the post-wild, restoration and rewilding, climate change and climate engineering, novel ecosystems and the new wild, synthetic biology, GMO's, nanotechnology, and others.

G 507 Philosophical Foundations of Ecology 3 cr.  Offered every two years. In this seminar we will look at some of the key papers in philosophy of the science of ecology (and perhaps, more broadly, environmental philosophy). Some of the topics covered will be: the role and nature of models in ecology, the complexity-stability debate, whether nature can be thought to be in balance, whether there are laws of ecology, what biodiversity is and why we should care about it. Sample syllabus.

G 510 Philosophy Forum Colloquium 1 cr. Discussion and further exploration of issues presented at the weekly Philosophy Forum.  Sample syllabus.

G 591 Environmental Philosophy 3cr.  A survey of the canonical texts and topics in environmental philosophy.  Topics include, for example, debates over the moral status of other animals, whether nature has inherent value or merely anthropocentric value, environmental pragmatism, ecofeminism and environmental justice, deep vs shallow ecology, virtue ethics and the environment.  Sample syllabus.

M.A. students also have access to all of the courses offered by the Philosophy Department as well as courses in other departments like the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation, EnglishEnvironmental Studies, History, Native American Studies, and others.