Bugbee and Guth Lectures

The department also sponsors two major lectures each year, often in conjunction with the Presidential Lecture series. The Henry Bugbee Lecture commemorates the work of a former Professor and Chair of the philosophy department at the University of Montana. In addition to being a notable and influential thinker and an esteemed colleague and teacher, Henry Bugbee was known for his eloquence in writing and storytelling, and for his love of flyfishing and the Montana landscape. He died in December 1999 in Missoula, Montana. The Brennan Guth lecture series is offered in memory of a former philosophy major, environmentalist, and world-class kayaker who died tragically in an accident on a river in Chile in 2001. Brennan´s love of philosophy and of environmental issues inspired many in Missoula to continue his legacy in numerous ways. In addition to the annual Brennan Guth lecture, a broad citizen effort in Brennan´s memory led to the construction of Brennan´s Wave on the Clark Fork River. An old irrigation diversion was converted into a standing wave for recreational kayaking where the river flows through downtown Missoula.

Both lecture series bring nationally and internationally known figures to campus to talk about important contemporary issues that often bear on environmental science, literature, and politics.

Recent Guth lecturers include: William Cronon (2014), Rafe Sagarin (2013), Anna Lappé (2012), Kathleen Dean Moore (2010), David Orr (2009), Terry Tempest Williams (2008), James Hansen (2007), Robert Bullard (2006), Larry Rasmussen (2005), and Wendell Berry (2004).

Recent Bugbee lecturers include Avishai Margalit (2014), Alan Wood (2012), Cora Diamond (2011), Amelie Oksenberg Rorty (2011), Alexander Nehemas (2010), Albert Borgmann (2009), Jonathan Lear (2008), Michael Ruse (2007), Robert Bellah (2006), Elliot Sober (2005), Susan Haack (2004), and David Chalmers (2003).