What Can I Do With a Philosophy Degree?

You can do just about anything with a philosophy degree!  Why?  Because classes in philosophy teach you how to think clearly about complex and difficult problems, and how to think about solving them.  And if you can think well, you can do just about anything.  Here's the proof:

Philosophy majors have a median mid-career salary of $86,000, beating more ``practical'' majors like business administration, marketing,  IT, accounting, nursing, and a whole host of others.   Impressively, this statistic EXCLUDES anyone with an undergraduate philosophy degree that goes on to graduate school to get degrees such as a J.D., an M.D., an M.B.A., or a Ph.D.  On that note...

Philosophy majors get the second highest average score on the LSAT, the laws school admission exam, of majors with more than 1000 students taking the exam. A philosophy degree is just about the best possible preparation one can get for law school.

Philosophy majors have the highest acceptance rate to medical school. 

Philosophers have the highest overall score on the GRE. *

Philosophy majors have the third highest average score on the GMAT exam.* A philosophy degree is also an excellent preparation for a business degree. 

For more great facts about philosophy, check out Philosophy is a Great Major.

It is not a secret how valuable a philosophy degree is:

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