About Us

The Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Montana-Missoula is dedicated to excellence in undergraduate education and research. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to quality teaching, committed to research and scholarly activity, and engaged in service to the University and the community.

For our students, we provide:

  • A sound, complete, and modern education for our undergraduate majors
  • Quality instruction in physics and in astronomy to undergraduate and graduate non-majors
  • An informal open-door policy to encourage student-faculty interaction
  • Opportunities for our majors to participate in research

To the University, the community, and the state, provide technical expertise in

  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Computational methods.

We contribute to the scientific community at the national and international levels by

  • Generating new knowledge through research in physics and astronomy
  • Publishing our work in national and international scientific journals
  • Participating in and organizing scientific conferences

If you are considering majoring in physics at the University of Montana, we'll be happy to send you information about our department and the University of Montana.