Directions and Map

The observatory is located at the top of the Blue Mountain Recreation area southwest of Missoula. To reach the Blue Mountain Recreation area, turn west on Blue Mountain Road off of highway 93 south of Missoula. Turn left at the entrance to the Recreation Area and follow the dirt road for about ten and a half miles to an unsigned junction with an obvious road entering from the left. Take a sharp left (almost 180 degrees) onto this road, pass through an open gate, and proceed another two miles to the fire lookout at the top of Blue Mountain. Park there and walk east about 0.3 mile on the narrow dirt road that follows the ridgeline. The Observatory Dome should be visible as you get part way down the road. Please note that the gate 2 miles below the lookout will be locked at the end of the evening.


Map and directions to Blue Mountian Observatory

The Blue Mountain fire lookout, where you will park, is on the left side of the google map below. The observatory is at the end of Forest Rd 19247.