Summer 2017 Limited Availability Observing Nights

observatory dome

Explore planets, nebulas, star clusters, and distant galaxies at one of our Blue Mountain Observatory "Limited Availability" Nights this summer!  Attendance will be limited to 25 persons in order to provide guests with a more personal experience. Each ticket will cost $20.00. The "Limited Availability" Nights allow for a more personal experience by limiting the number of people in attendance. Some of the benefits are: smaller crowds, less time spent in line allowing for more viewing, and one-on-one discussions with astronomers and astronomy students. They are family-friendly, and suitable for all ages. Kids 5 and under are free.

Due to the popularity and high demand of these events, reservations are required. To reserve your ticket click the following link to our ticketing website Eventbrite.

Please be sure to read through the important information on our Limited Availability Observing Information page!

Dates: Observing Begins At:
July 22 10:30 pm
August 26 9:00 pm