Montana From 30KmBalloon Outreach, Research, Exploration and Landscape Imaging System:

BOREALIS is Montana Space Grant Consortium's high altitude ballooning program. In the program students from a variety of curricula work together to conceive, design and build payloads that are flown up to 100,000 feet - the edge of space. Borealis has two complete ballooning programs at Montana State University and the University of Montana.

UM-BOREALIS has more recently branched into tethered balloon systems as well as radiosonde systems. The program is intended both to collect scientific data as well as to get middle school students interested in science. UM-BOREALIS began in 2004. 

Click on this link for a Missoulian article about our program. 

Click on this link for the MSGC youtube channel or go to this link for our November 2013 flight video featuring UM's Monte and MSU's Champ conducting a high altitude flight experiment.