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Jaylene Naylor

Jaylene Naylor

IT / Lab Instructor

Office: CHCB 228
Email: jaylene.naylor@umontana.edu
Office Hours:

M 11:00 - 12:00, Thurs 2 -3

Please email me for other times.  

Current Position

I take care of the technology resources and lab equipment for the department, and help manage the planetarium.  I consider myself to be the unoffical photographer of the department and very much enjoy taking pictures of our students while we're doing science!

I also work as the Assistant Director for UM's Autonomous Aerial Systems Office.


Fall 2018
PHSX 216

Spring 2019
PHSX 218

Personal Summary

I'm kind of a professional student, so being back at UM to work has been a great opportunity for me.  I spent a little over 10 years working in IT as a computer tech and with a company installing restaurant point-of-sale, video surveillance and liquor control.  I've been back in the department since April, 2007.  I started taking programming classes shortly thereafter and have found that I really enjoy it.  I'm very excited to be teaching some basic Python programming in our labs, as I am convinced it is a skill that everyone will need to some extent in their academic and professional careers.



1993 BA Physics and Astronomy, UM

1999 MS Physics and Astronomy, UM

2008-Present, taking CSCI courses, UM


Beekeeping, competitive 22LR shooting (www.ir5050.com), gardening, hiking and all those other fun things we get to do living in Montana!