Limited Availability Public Observing

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Summer 2019 Limited Availability Nights

Due to the popularity and high demand of our public observing nights, we are now offering "limited availability" opportunities at Blue Mountain Observatory. Attendance will be limited to 25 persons in order to provide guests with a more personal experience. Each ticket will cost $20.00. The benefits of attending a limited availablity observing night are: small crowds, less wait time in lines allowing for more viewing time, and one-on-one discussions with astronomers and astronomy students. To secure a spot, we ask that you reserve a ticket for each person in your group via Eventbrite. We will have a copy of the reservations list at the observatory (so no worries if you forget to bring your tickets).

Reserving a ticket for the limited availability nights provides much needed funding for our students. Blue Mountain nights are run as a labor of love by many volunteers, but we do like to support our student observing assistants and have enough funds left to pay for gas and the occasional equipment maintenance.  If your reservation date has to be cancelled due to clouds or smoke, we automatically refund all tickets for that night.


Schedule coming by September 1st

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Eventbrite - Blue Mountain Observatory LIMITED AVAILABILITY (25 PERSONS) - 2018

Important Information

To insure a safe and enjoyable night for everyone, please be aware of the following:

  • For most people, the drive to the top of Blue Mountain takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour from downtown Missoula.  The dirt road tends to develop washboard, but is passable to all cars all the way to the fire lookout.  There are a few spots which are a bit narrow for passing and have steep drop-offs, so please drive carefully and respect the fact that you will be sharing this backcountry road with many other Blue Mountain guests.
  • Early in the night, there will be a student intern stationed in the parking area near the fire lookout.  Please park so that you DO NOT block the road.  If you are unsure where to park, how to get to the observatory, or have any other questions, the intern will be happy to help you out.  Parking on the summit ridge is limited and we encourage guests to carpool whenever possible.
  • To insure these events remain safe and family-friendly, NO ALCOHOL is allowed.
  • Our observatory is located at an elevation of 6,300 feet.  Even when summer days are hot in Missoula, it can get quite cold on the mountain.  It always pays to bring more clothes (coat, hat, gloves, scarf) than you think you will need!  You can always leave them in your car if it turns out you don’t need them.
  • The observatory is about 400 yards down a rough dirt road from where you will park.  You should have comfortable walking shoes and a good flashlight or headlamp for your walk to and from the observatory.
  • If we have to cancel:  Viewing nights will be canceled if the sky is cloudy, thunderstorms threaten, or if there is significant smoke or there are nearby fires.  If you leave us a current e-mail address when you reserve your tickets through Eventbrite, you will receive an update on observing conditions during the early evening hours on the date of the open house.  We will also post an announcement on our Facebook page.  For those who may not have convenient web access, we will post a voicemail message confirming or cancelling observing at (406) 243-2073.  Messages may not be posted until 7 pm the night of observing if conditions are highly uncertain.  Make sure that you confirm we will be on the mountain before you go!

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