Wilderness Politics and Packing

2 classes, 4 weeks, 5 credits

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Course Description

PSCI 360 S01 Wilderness Policy and Packing

  • Dates: May 18  June 4
  • Credits: 3 credits
  • Location: UM campus, Rattlensnake, North Fork of the Blackfoot River

Open registration (CRN 51048)

In this intensive three week summer course you will learn about the theory and practice of Wilderness policy. Various guest speakers will discuss the pressing issues of Wilderness today including land management, recreation, wildfire and wildlife and tribal wilderness. You learn how to write and present a policy paper on Wilderness issues and how to maintain trails and “pack-in” stock on Wilderness trails. Practical wilderness skills taught in this class include the basics of Wilderness first aid, leave-no-trace camping, trail building and horse and mule packing. Enrollment is limited to 20 students.

PSCI 360 S02 Wilderness Pack Trip

  • Dates: June 28 – July 2, 2021
  • Credits: 2 credits
  • Location: Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex

Application required (CRN 51163)

On this field course you will take a five day pack trip on horses and mules into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The goals of this course are to experience Wilderness policy in practice by meeting with Forest Service rangers, building trail and learning how to apply the leave-no-trace principles while traveling in the back country with horses and mules. This trip is outfitted by Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters. You can enroll with instructor approval after applying through the course website. Note that space is limited to 10 students and successful completion of PSCI 360 Wilderness Policy and Packing is required to take the class. Additional fees to cover outfitting costs apply. Scholarships are available for students with Montana residence. Please check the application form above and/or contact the instructor for more details.

Instructor Information

Eva-Maria Maggi, PhD, Department of Political Science
LA 411

loading pack horse
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