International Development Studies

Program Director, International Development Studies

Professor Peter Koehn served as program director for the University of Montana’s minor in International Development Studies from its inception through summer 2013.

International Development Studies

International Development Studies (IDS) is an interdisciplinary field of study focusing on the interconnected processes of social, political, economic, cultural, and environmental change taking place in low-income countries and poorer regions of wealthy countries.  Coursework in the minor emphasizes a global perspective on the processes of change and development, critical analysis of the role of internal and external influences on the development process, and applications to local (including Montana) situations and challenges.  Approved by the Board of Regents in March 2005, the IDS minor takes advantage of existing faculty expertise and courses to offer an interdisciplinary experience for students interested in either international or domestic development work.  Students who minor in IDS will develop knowledge and skills appropriate for graduate study and for working in non-governmental organizations, international and bi-lateral government development organizations, the U.S. Peace Corps and other national/international equivalents, and/or community-development groups.

In 2011, the U.S. Peace Corps partnered with The University of Montana’s IDS program to offer the first Peace Corp Preparatory Program at a public university. See Peace Corps Prep Program.

Requirements for a Minor

To earn a minor in International Development Studies, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 21 credits (at least 7 upper-division).  Of these 21 credits, 12 must be core courses and 9 must be content courses (see list found on the IDS program flier or IDS web page).  Specialized independent study and internship credits can be counted for content credit if applicable and approved by the program director.

Interested students need to complete the “add a minor” section on the “change of major” form and secure the signature of the program director.  This form can be obtained from the program director or the Registrar’s office.  One semester prior to graduation, the program director must approve and sign the student’s graduation plan.  Students are asked to complete a written exit interview for the purpose of program assessment.

By the end of the 2012/13 a/y, some 340 students from more than 20 different majors had elected to minor in International Development Studies. For program details, see the UM International Development Studies.

Sept 2013