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Brock Tessman

Brock Tessman

Dean, Davidson Honors College

Office: DHC 104
Email: brock.tessman@umontana.edu
Fax: (406) 243-6446

Personal Summary

Dean Brock Tessman comes to the Davidson Honors College after nine years at the University of Georgia. At the University of Georgia, Tessman was an Associate Professor of International Affairs, Director of Graduate Programs in the School of Public and International Affairs, and Associate Director at the UGA Center for the Study of Global Issues. He was also extensively involved in teaching, advising, and scholarship advising through the nationally recognized UGA Honors Program.

Dean Tessman is a dedicated scholar-teacher. His teaching was recognized with a number of awards at the University of Georgia, including the Richard B. Russell Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, the School of Public and International Affairs Teaching Award, the UGA Student Government Professor Recognition Award, and the University of Georgia’s Innovative Instruction Grant. In 2014, Tessman was inducted into the UGA Teaching Academy. In the classroom, Tessman develops and uses formal simulations and games in order to maximize student engagement, intellectual synthesis, and the benefits of structured competition. Outside the classroom, Tessman has led study abroad programs to Oxford University, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, and South Korea.

As a political scientist, Tessman’s research focuses on the relationship between relative power trends and foreign policy, international security, and conflict. He is specifically interested in the way that leaders think about growth and decline in the context of security threats. In 2008, he received a Fellowship through the Rothermere American Institute at Oxford University in order to study the “Grand Strategy of American Decline.” Although he is an international relations scholar, his geographic focus has been on East Asia and the security relationship between China, Japan, Korea, and the United States. Tessman’s articles have appeared in numerous journals, including the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Security Studies, International Studies Review, the Journal of Strategic Studies, International Interactions, and Asian Security. Tessman has also written a world politics simulation handbook (International Relations in Action, Lynne Rienner Publishers).

Brock Tessman was born in Detroit, Michigan. He grew up in Northern California, and then graduated with honors from Brown University before earning his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. Outside of work, Tessman is an avid distance runner and a board game enthusiast. He lives in Missoula with wife Kristin, daughter Frances, and way too many pets.