Study Abroad Opportunities

Professor Haber's Summer in Mexico Program

Each summer Professor Haber leads about 15 students on a Mexican adventure. Students study Spanish, take seminars, go on fieldtrips, and live with Mexican families. It’s a great way to earn summer school credits! Professor Haber says this is his favorite thing he does at the university, so if you have questions or are interested, call him at 243-4862 or visit the Mexico Program website.

UM’s Partner University Exchange Program

UM has partnered with universities around the world so that students can study for one year or one semester while paying regular UM tuition in most cases. For information, visit UM’s Office of International Programs.

UM's International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

UM is also a member of ISEP which arranges for UM students to spend a semester or year at one of its 130 member institutions located in 38 foreign countries. Students normally pay their regular UM tuition. For information, visit UM’s Office of International Programs.

Faculty Directed Study Abroad Programs

UM faculty occasionally organize and direct their own study abroad programs. These programs are usually only for a semester or summer session. For information on upcoming faculty-directed programs visit UM’s Office of International Programs.