Political Science Student: Ayva Axton

ayva axton

I’ve been a student of Political Science for 4 years at the University of Montana, and these years spent studying have not gone to waste. I have had incredible opportunities to meet people from international backgrounds, as well as travel across the country with a university team to participate in conferences that promote global changes across the spectrum of ideas. With the MUN course offered at the university I have grown from being a generally under spoken person, to someone who is willing to step up and speak on any topic at any time. This course has been the center of my interests for the last year, as well as my greatest sources of my growth in confidence and knowledge. I now step out of my comfort zone and push for want I want, both as an individual and as a young person hoping to change the world. With my future right around the corner, an incredible job set in place and a vision of the future, I am looking forward to graduating and meeting the world head on with all the I have learned at the University of Montana.