Certificate in Nonprofit Administration (Online)

Certificate Requirements

The certificate in nonprofit administration is designed for students wishing to develop professional competencies relating to nonprofit management. To earn a certificate the student must complete a minimum of 16 credits as follows:

Online Courses

12 credits from among the following online courses:

  • PSCI 401 Nonprofit Human Resource Management – 2 credits
  • PSCI 402 Nonprofit Volunteer Management – 2 credits
  • PSCI 403 Nonprofit Program Planning and Evaluation – 2 credits
  • PSCI 405 Nonprofit Advocacy and Public Policy – 2 credits
  • PSCI 406 Nonprofit Board Management – 2 credits
  • PSCI 410 Nonprofit Strategic Planning – 2 credits
  • PSCI 411 Nonprofit Grant Writing – 2 credits
  • PSCI 412 Nonprofit Fundraising – 2 credits
  • PSCI 413 Nonprofit Financial Management – 2 credits
  • PSCI 460 Nonprofit Marketing and Social media - 2 credits


4 credits of PSCI 498 Internship. 

The internship component includes at least 350 hours of volunteer or paid hours working directly with a nonprofit organization.  If the student works at a nonprofit organization, professional work that is aligned with the program focus will qualify as internship credit.  Students will complete various reflection activities, including a formal, 10-page paper documenting their learning throughout the internship experience.  For questions about the internship, contact Academic Enrichment -- Civic Engagement.

All courses taken in pursuit of the certificate must be taken for graded credit, and a grade of C or above must be achieved in order to receive credit for any course.

This program is offered on a self-supporting basis.  To learn about fee schedules and how to register, visit UMOnline.