Nonprofit Administration

Minor in Nonprofit Administration

The interdisciplinary minor in nonprofit administration concentrates on nonprofit board and committee development, fund raising principles and practices, nonprofit financial management, volunteer management, nonprofit management and program planning, grant writing, and nonprofit marketing. It is designed to complement students' major areas of study and prepare them to enter careers in the nonprofit sector. Interested students must meet with Andrea Vernon, the program director ( at Academic Enrichment - Civic Engagement to declare the minor. The details of the program are explained in the catalog.

Certificate in Nonprofit Administration (Online)

The certificate in nonprofit administration is designed for students wishing to develop professional competencies relating to nonprofit management. To earn a certificate the student must complete a minimum of 16 credits as follows:

  • a) 12 credits from among the following online courses:
  • PSCI 401 Nonprofit Human Resource Management – 2 credits
  • PSCI 402 Nonprofit Volunteer Management – 2 credits
  • PSCI 403 Nonprofit Program Planning and Evaluation – 2 credits
  • PSCI 405 Nonprofit Advocacy and Public Policy – 2 credits
  • PSCI 406 Nonprofit Board Management – 2 credits
  • PSCI 410 Nonprofit Strategic Planning – 2 credits
  • PSCI 411 Nonprofit Grant Writing – 2 credits
  • PSCI 412 Nonprofit Fundraising – 2 credits
  • PSCI 413 Nonprofit Financial Management – 2 credits
  • PSCI 460 Nonprofit Marketing and Social media - 2 credits
  • b) 4 credits of PSCI 498 Internship.  The internship component includes at least 350 hours of volunteer or paid hours working directly with a nonprofit organization.  If the student works at a nonprofit organization, professional work that is aligned with the program focus will qualify as internship credit.  Students will complete various reflection activities, including a formal, 10-page paper documenting their learning throughout the internship experience.  For questions about the internship, contact Academic Enrichment -- Civic Engagement.

All courses taken in pursuit of the certificate must be taken for graded credit, and a grade of C or above must be achieved in order to receive credit for any course.

This program is offered on a self-supporting basis.  To learn about fee schedules and how to register, visit the web site for UMOnline.