Soazig Le Bihan Prof. of Philosophy and Director of the Prelaw Program

Office: LA 153
Office Hours:
  • Fridays, 8AM-10:30PM and 1:30-5PM -- Please schedule an appointment on Starfish. 
  • Please feel free to contact me if you need an appointment outside of office hours. 

Extensive and Personal Advising

Your prelaw advisor will help you obtain the skills, knowledge, and experience that are necessary for success in law school. Your prelaw advisor will:

  1. discuss career choices and whether law school is a good fit for you;
  2. discuss curricular choices for a better preparation for law school;
  3. discuss extracurricular choices for a higher interesting person status;
  4. help you through the application process to law school, which includes :
    1. selecting which law schools to apply to,
    2. preparing for the LSAT,
    3. obtaining letters of recommendation,
    4. writing your personal statement and essays.

How Do I Meet With My Advisor?

Schedule with your advisor through email or Starfish:

  • Go to Starfish (use your net ID and password to log-in).
  • On the "Home” page click on your “My Success Network” located on the left hand navigation bar.
  • Find Soazig Le Bihan either as one of your advisor or as part of the College of Humanities and Sciences Advising.
  • Schedule an appointment: Your advisor’s available appointment hours are listed as “Appointment Availability.” Click on “sign up” at desired date and time you want your appointment to occur (You will receive a confirmation email upon successfully scheduling your appointment).

If you encounter any issue while scheduling an appointment, please contact Prof. Le Bihan via email.