Sean Morrison

I graduated from the Davidson Honors College in 2009 with degrees in both English and Economics and a minor in French. While on campus, I served for two years on the Student Senate, lobbied for changes in the University’s contracting code, and played intramural softball.

Fulfilling a requirement of the Economics Department, I wrote my senior thesis on the influence of state film tax incentives in film location decisions. This year-long project proved to be one of the most valuable aspects of my education—both as a learning experience and as a lead to my future work.

I moved to DC with an open internship in Senator Baucus’ office after graduation. I worked in the Senator’s office for a year and a half before taking a position as a research assistant on tax policy for the Senate Finance Committee.

My time with Senator Baucus and the Committee was punctuated by major political events including the passage of the health care bill, the Super Committee, extension of the payroll tax holiday, and passage of the Highway Bill. Senator Baucus and the incredible legal minds working for him and the Committee inspired me to apply to law school. Last spring I was accepted to Harvard Law, where I begin studies this fall.

Sean Morrisson 2