Aims and Objectives for the Clinical Program

Aim 1: To ensure Breadth and Depth in the generalist model of clinical practice.

  • Students will have an entry-level proficiency in a range of intervention techniques
  • Students will have an entry-level proficiency in assessment and case formulation
  • Students will be able to work with a variety of populations, across diagnoses and diverse health care delivery settings

Aim 2: To expose students to a range of research methodologies and train them to implement appropriate research techniques in the generation of scientific knowledge.

  • While in the program students will conduct, present, publish, and otherwise disseminate original and relevant research in national venues
  • By the time of the attainment of the doctorate students will be informed consumers of quantitative and qualitative research with the capacity to evaluate evidence and engage in EBP
  • Students will produce research that contributes to the body of scientific knowledge
  • Students will be able to discuss how to implement translational aspect of research for application to practical problems (e.g. program evaluation, intervention development)

Aim 3: To produce students sensitive to issues of diversity and difference and build emerging skills of cultural competence.

  • Students are expected to gain awareness regarding Native American, rural, and so-called “frontier” populations
  • Students are expected to gain understanding of diversity across gender, sexual orientation, and gender expression
  • Students are expected to be able to self-evaluate their own biases, limitations, or blind spots and know when to seek consultation.
  • Students are expected to gain familiarity with additional forms of diversity

Aim 4: To provide students with training and optional educational experiences which enhance ability to pursue further training in specific career and specialty areas.

  • For students in these emphases, they are expected to develop emphasis-appropriate, specific knowledge and skills

Aim 5: To foster the development of student skills, knowledge, and grounding in the science and professional practice of psychology through didactic instruction and mentored hands-on practice.

  • Students will function as entry-level, ethical professionals at a pre-licensure (intermediate) professional level

Aim 6: To have students learn (via comprehensive mentorship) to become entry level professional psychologists.

  • Students will enter the fields of professional psychology
  • Students will demonstrate commitment to long-term learning
  • Students will be engaged and invested (pre-) professionals