Psychology Graduate Programs

Clinical psychologists affect the well-being of the public through teaching, research, and clinical services.  Our Ph.D. students pursue clinically-relevant research while developing therapy and assessment skills.  They have the unique opportunity to serve Missoula and surrounding communities in our on-campus training clinic as well as in community-based clinical placements.  In 2013, an article in the journal Training and Education in Professional Psychology identified our program as a “hidden gem” among training programs, producing exceptionally good outcomes for our students.

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The Experimental Ph.D. program provides a research emphasis within the field of psychology.  Each graduate student’s area of focus and trajectory of study is established and decided in coordination with the student’s faculty advisor.  Our faculty foci include:  animal behavior, cognitive, developmental, social, political, or quantitative psychology, as well as behavioral systems and neuroscience.  Most students aspire to position in academics; however, others go onto careers in private industry and/or research institutes.

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The mission of school psychologists is to promote an educationally and psychologically healthy environment for all children and youth by implementing research- and evidence-based programs that prevent problems, enhance independence and promote optimal learning.  Our Ph.D. program has an in-depth focus on research and extends training to provide clinical skills and prepare students for a wide variety of careers options, such as academia, schools, hospitals and clinical settings, and private practice.

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Have a positive impact on how schoolchildren succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.  School Psychology Specialist students learn how to work with parents and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students.  They learn treatment approaches to provide consultative services to children, teachers, and families.  The University of Montana has the only school psychology training program in Montana.  Our graduates have a 100% job placement rate and 100% Praxis II National Certification rate.

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