Principal Investigator

Nathan Insel, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience

Office: Skaggs 362
Office Hours:

Office hours for fall 2017:  Monday and Tuesday 2:15 - 3:30

Graduate students

Coming soon!

Undergraduate Students

Erica Olson (4th year)


Alec Dalton (4th year)

Dorthy Young (4th year)

Marcus (Tucker) Richlie (3rd year)

Josiah Stocker (2nd year)

Tristan Scott (2nd year)

Past students

University of Montana:

  • Elizabeth Waterman
University of Toronto:
  • Navdeep Lidhar (currently a PhD candidate at UT Mississauga with Loren Martin)
  • Maryna Pilkiw (currently a PhD candidate at UT with Kaori Takehara)
  • June Dong
  • Ashkan Salehi (currently a graduate student at UT)
  • Purna Banerjee
  • Lisa Guan
  • Anna-Julia David
  • Ayushi Thakur