Psychology Colloquia

The Department of Psychology at the University of Montana is pleased to present our Colloquium Series, featuring students, faculty and departmental guests. Colloquia provide a medium for members of the Department to learn of the scholarly contributions and achievements of both students and faculty. Further, the Colloquia provide students with a unique opportunity to practice and prepare for future conference presentations and "job talks" in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Speakers are recruited primarily from the Department of Psychology at the University of Montana. Occasionally, we will also invite and host presentations by speakers external to the Department.

The colloquia are organized by Paul Silverman. Please contact Dr. Silverman for additional information.

Psychology Colloquia Archive

Department of Psychology Colloquia Schedule

Fall 2016

Thursday, September 29

"Passion and Design:  Applied Psychology for Rural Community Living"

Tom Seekins, PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Montana

Thursday, October 13

Virtual Clinical Lunch, a video series:  #Diversity Matters:  Toward a Manifesto for Diverse Psychological Science"

Enrique Neblett, PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Thursday, October 20

"Pursuing a Career as a VA Psychologist"

Joanna McCormick, PhD, Psychology Internship Director, VA Montana Health Care System

Thursday, October 27

"Psychology Training and Services at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia" 

Yemataw Wondie, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Gondar, Ethiopia

NAFSA International Association of Educators Dialogue Fellow, USA

Fulbright Scholar, University of Montana

Thursday, November 3

“Resilience and Well-being for Refugee & Asylum-Seeking Youth”
Anisa Goforth, PhD, University of Montana
Molly Short Carr, International Rescue Committee

Thursday, November 10

"The Effect of Terminology Relating to mTBI on Symptom and Recovery Expectations"

Meredith Reynolds, MA, Clinical Psychology PhD student, University of Montana

Thursday, November 17

"The Veteran Experience"

Elisabeth Barr, M.A. Veterans Studies, Eastern Kentucky University

Open Dates

December 1

December 8

December 15

Please contact Dr. Silverman if you are interested in presenting.  

**All Colloquia are from 4:00 - 4:50 in CHEM 212