Neuroscience Education and Research at UM

neuroscience students working in lab

About four years ago members of the Psychology department teamed-up with faculty in Biology and Biomedical Sciences to create the undergraduate program in neuroscience. A grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation now gives us an opportunity to extend the reach of brain science beyond the traditional psychology and neuroscience major “tracks.” The mission of this grant is to use neuroscience as a platform to integrate disciplines of Humanities, Education, and Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM). New classes will be developed with neuroscience themes across many different departments, including Philosophy, English, and Education. The goal is twofold: we hope to increase scientific literacy among students who otherwise prefer classes within the arts and humanities and, round-out the education of STEM students with a more liberal arts education. A new, team-taught psychology class will help expose students, particularly incoming freshmen, to big ideas and basic concepts in psychology and neuroscience—possibly also sparking further curiosity and interest in these areas. The grant will also fund a summer fellowship program, providing the opportunity for students across departments to work in neuroscience labs. For more information on the W.M. Keck Foundation grant.