Student Theses

The Mansfield Library makes electronic versions of student theses available through the ScholarWorks repository. Searches can be performed there by Academic Department or by Author. The Sociology Department (Social Sciences 333) also has a collection of older theses available.  

Masters Theses in Sociology


  • Tessa DeCunzo, Thesis Title: "Police Decision-Making and Initial Detention of Juveniles", Thesis Chair: Dusten Hollist
  • Hannah Jacobsen, Thesis Title: "Gender Ideology, Client Preference, and the Purchase of Sex Cells: A Comparative Analysis of Egg and Sperm Donation", Thesis Chair: Kathy Kuipers
  • Skye McGinty, Thesis Title: "From Dislocation to Disengagement: The Experiences of Low-Income and First Generation College Students", Thesis Chair: Daisy Rooks
  • Skye Summers, Thesis Title: "Mismatched Identities: Experiencing Womanhood and Motherhood as an Exotic Dancer", Thesis Chair: Kathy Kuipers


  • Christian Boyce, Thesis Title: "The Flavor of the Day: Xenophobic Perceptions Among American Security Rally of Montana Participants", Thesis Chair: Dusten Hollist
  • Ian Greenwood, Thesis Title: "Establishing an Accurate Operational Definition of Cyberbullying", Thesis Chair: Jackson Bunch
  • Ally Guldborg, Thesis Title: "Another Day in the Oil Patch: Narratives of Probation Work in Montana", Thesis Chair: James Burfeind
  • Peter Ore, Thesis Title: "Temporary Work onthe Bakken Shale", Thesis Chair: Daisy Rooks
  • Zachery Reiter, Thesis Title: Getting Tattooed: How the Client-Artist Interaction Affects the Tattoo Process", Thesis Chair: Celia Winkler


  • Daniel Action, Thesis Title: The Effect of Detention on Juvenile Recidivism in Montana: Is the Impact of Detention Influenced by Other Factors?", Thesis Chair: Dusten Hollist
  • Laura Obernesser, Thesis Title: " I Need a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out: Spoiled Identities and Identity Maintenance Among Single Mothers Experiencing Homelessness", Thesis Chair: Kathy Kuipers
  • Dustin Satterfield, Thesis Title: "Privilege and Marginalization in U.S. Drag Communities", Thesis Chair: Kathy Kuipers
  • Taylor Tillman, Thesis Title: Risk Assessment in Montana: Risk Factors Predictive of Juvenile Offender Recidivism". Thesis Chair: James Burfeind


  • Lisa J. Bruce, Thesis Title: "Pet Advocate Program for the Homeless in Missoula, MT", Thesis Chair: Dan Doyle
  • Scott Byington, Thesis Title: "Lowveld Practices in Mahenye, Zimbabwe: A Critical Analysis of Resilience in a Marginalized Southern African Community", Thesis Chair: Rebecca Richards
  • Kristen Lee Hands, Thesis Title: "Compact Service Corps Program Evaluation: 2011-2013 Grant Year Beneficial Impact on Local Communities", Thesis Chair: Celia Winkler
  • Alicia Telena, Thesis Title: "Understanding Transgender Violence", Thesis Chair: Celia Winkler


  • Krista Caffrey, Thesis Title: "Is Gun Crime Learned? Social Learning Theory and Guns", Thesis Chair: James Burfeind
  • Michael King, Thesis Title: "Motivation and Education: Performance, Commitment and Satisfaction Among Pharmacy Students", Thesis Chair: Kathy Kuipers
  • Cassandra Sheets, Thesis Title: "Blackfeet Indians and the Sweet Grass Hills: Sacredness, Land and Institutional Discrimination", Thesis Chair: Celia Winkler
  • Sandra Treadaway, Thesis Title: "The United States Forest Service: a Quantitative Study of Employees and the Impact of Collaboration", Thesis Chair: Dan Doyle


  • Jacob Coolidge, Thesis Title: "Spare Some Change? The Policing of Shelter-Resistant Homeless in Missoula, MT", Thesis Chair: Daisy Rooks
  • Michael Fawaz, Thesis Title: "Up in Smoke: Two Theoretical Perspectives on the Future of Marijuana Law in the United States", Thesis Chair: Dan Doyle
  • Eden Heeder, Thesis Title: "Off Risking: Offender Risk Assessment and the Correctional Assessment and Intervention System", Thesis Chair: Dan Doyle
  • Patrick McKay, Thesis Title: "Rescoring the Montana Risk Assessment Instrument: A Comparison of Methods", Thesis Chair: Dusten Hollist
  • Tyson McLean, Thesis Title: "An Exploratory Study on Social Learning Theory, Social Bond Theory, Experiences with Police and Demographic Effects on College Student Attitudes Towards Police", Thesis Chair: Dusten Hollist


  • Derek Emerson, Thesis Title: "Analysis of the Development and Application of Risk Assessment for Sex Offenders in Correctional Populations: A Comparative Review", Thesis Chair: James Burfeind
  • Kristina Emerson, Thesis Title: "Positive Peer Culture Problem Labels and Juvenile Delinquency: An Exploratory Principal Components Analysis and Ordinary Least Squares Regression Analysis of Low Self-Image, Inconsiderate of Others, and Inconsiderate of Self", Thesis Chair: Dusten Hollist
  • Anthony Feuchter, Thesis Title: "Specifying the Links Between Adolecent Substance Use and Traditional Delinquency Theories: A Negative Bionomial Approach", Thesis Chair: Dusten Hollist
  • Diane Matthews, Thesis Title: "Citizen Participation in a Montana Land Use Debate: A Case Study of the Proposed Bitterroot Resort", Thesis Chair: Daisy Rooks
  • Sara Rasch, Thesis Title: "Towards Sentence Compliance: Examining PFMA Offender Pathways Through Missoula Municipal and Justice Courts", Thesis Chair: Daisy Rooks
  • Amanda Taylor, Thesis Title: "Under the Bridge: A Qualitative Investigation of Homeless Persons' Perspectives on Substance Abuse and It's Treatement", Thesis Chair: Daisy Rooks