McNall's Cultures of Defiance and Resistance

Dr. Scott McNall

This fall, UM affiliated faculty member Dr.  Scott McNall has a new book being published by Routledge, Cultures of Defiance and Resistance: Social Movements in 21st Century America. This work examines eight modern social movements on the left and right of the political spectrum that have arisen in opposition to corporate and government power (including the Battle for Seattle, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, modern militias, the NRA, as well as the anti-vaccine and anti-GMO movements), and postulates how these movements may impact or transform our current political and economic system.

McNall is an emeritus provost and professor of the California State University - Chico, where he also served as the founding executive director of the Institute for Sustainable Development. McNall is a prolific author whose other works include: The Problem of Social Inequality: Why it Destroys Democracy, Threatens the Planet and What We Can Do About It (2015), and Rapid Climate Change: Causes, Consequences and Solutions (2011).