Hindi at UM

Important Information About Courses

All Hindi courses for 2017-18 appear under Liberal Studies and Humanities in the course search, and their suffix is GH.

About Hindi Classes

Learn the Hindi Language and fulfill your General Education requirements:

Fall 2017

  • GH 191 (Introductory Hindi)
  • GH 291 (Intermediate Hindi)
  • GH 391 (Third-year Hindi)

Spring 2018

  • MCLG 191 (Introductory Hindi Part 2)
  • MCLG 291 (Intermediate Hindi Part 2)
  • MCLG 391 (Third-year Hindi, Part 2)
hindo alphabet

In 2017-18 we continue to offer Hindi for the third year running. Srijeet Mukherjee, Fulbright instructor from India will be here to teach the two-part sequence of Elementary Hindi (for those with no knowledge of the language) in the spring and fall, and also a two-part Intermediate sequence (for those with some knowledge or who have completed Elementary Hindi). Elementary Hindi credits will count towards the General Education language requirement. We will also for the first time offer Third Year Hindi (GH 391).

Srijeet Mukherjee with teaching tool

Hindi is now considered the second most widely spoken language in the world, with well over half a billion speakers; Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, is the same language as Hindi but with a different script. The US Dept of State has listed Hindi as a critical language. Hindi is an Indo-European language  related to English and other European languages. For instance, the Hindi word for knowledge and skill is vidia, from the root vid. From this same root come the English words ‘video’ and ‘vision,’ and also the Sanskrit word Veda (the name of the oldest religious scriptures in the world). Hindi is an almost completely phonetic language, spoken as it is written.

India, the world’s largest democracy, is a close ally of the US and is fast becoming a global superpower.  The ability to speak Hindi can help you work in business, media studies, NGOs, politics, and diplomacy. Several of our students go on to study and work in India.

The Hindi class of 2015-16 celebrating Holi
The Hindi class of 2015-16 celebrating Holi with instructor Gaurav Misra