Loan Conditions: Skin and Skeletal Material

  1. The Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum (UMZM hereafter) lends materials from its collections to institutions for research and educational purposes.
  2. The borrower shall provide every reasonable care and protection for each loaned object. Objects should be housed securely and protected from insects, dirt and exposure to extreme temperature, humidity and light. For exhibits, UMZM will specify handling and mounting methods, and consult on light and security concerns.
  3. The borrower agrees not to make any alterations to loaned items without written approval. Alterations that shall not be undertaken include destructive sampling, dissection, pest treatment, preparation, casting, cleaning, restoration, or staining.
  4. UMZM numbers or tags must not be removed or altered. The museum should be notified of taxonomic changes when the material is returned.
  5. The method of packing and shipping to and from the borrower will be specified by UMZM, and may be binding. All handling, packing and transportation costs incurred during the loan period are the responsibility of the borrowing institution.
  6. It is the responsibility of the borrower to return loaned material in the original condition. This responsibility includes proper arrangements for the return of the material, including packaging and shipping with care. In the case of destructive loan samples, any remaining material (e.g. tissue) should be returned to UMZM at the end of the project.
  7. Loan periods must be agreed upon at the time of the loan and will not exceed one year. Loan extensions must be requested in writing at least two weeks prior to the original return date, and must be approved by the UMZM curator.
  8. Loaned specimens may not be transferred to another individual or institution, even if the individual who requested the loan changes institutional affiliation, without prior written permission from the UMZM curator.
  9. UMZM reserves the right to recall any object upon reasonable notice to the borrower.
  10. The Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum should receive credit in publications, catalogs and exhibit labels for the use of specimens from its collection. The acronym “UMZM” should be used to cite museum specimens. Authors are asked to send a PDF copy of any publication based in whole or in part on material loaned from the museum to the curator.