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Mladen Kozul

Mladen Kozul

Associate Professor, French

Office: LA 423
Email: mladen.kozul@mso.umt.edu
Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday 3 pm-5 pm and by appointment.

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Curriculum Vitae


Fall 2017

  • FRCH 201 -  Intermediate  French I 
  • FRCH 494 - Inequality and Social Change in French Literature and Culture in the Long 19th Century


FALL 2018

  • FRCH 201 -  Intermediate  French I 
  • FRCH 311 - A Survey of French Literature and culture (17th and 18th Century) 


Fall 2019

  • FRCH 338 - The French Cinema 
  • FRCH 101 - Elementary French I
  • FRCH 201 - Intermediate French I


Research Interests

Medecine, Religion and Literature in the 18th Century; Literature and Law; Radical Enlightenment; the Construction of Other in the 18th Century Travel Narrative ; Comparative Literature; Early Modern Novel; Libertine Novel and the History of Sexuality; Aesthetic and Iconography; Author and Authorship; Early Modern Science and Epistemology; Literary theory; Political theory; Social and Cultural Theory; Film and Media.

Field of Study

Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century French Literature and Culture, Clandestine literature, Enlightenment Studies, Intellectual History, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Mediterranean Studies, Social and Cultural Theory, Film and Media

Selected Publications


  • Les Lumières imaginaires: Holbach et la traduction (OSE 2016:05), Voltaire Foundation, Oxford, U.K., 2016

More information at: http://xserve.volt.ox.ac.uk/VFcatalogue/details.php?recid=6638

  • Le Corps érotique au 18e siècle: amour, péché, maladie,  SVEC 2011:06, Voltaire Foundation, Oxford, England, 2011.

More information at: https://messaging.umt.edu/owa/attachment.ashx?attach=1&id=RgAAAAAg9fFcX4JNQow9YRAH6Uw7BwCg29s4cvJVS5AQ4hO1VUBOAAAFd21VAACwaqJ9p0AQSo%2bXWeFvLXBjAAAMfjBjAAAJ&attid0=BAAAAAAA&attcnt=1

And at: http://www.voltaire.ox.ac.uk/www_vf/default.ssi

  • Le Roman véritable. Stratégies préfacielles au XVIIIe siècle, SVEC 2008:8, Voltaire Foundation, Oxford, England, 2008. In collaboration with Jan Herman and Nathalie Kremer.

Second edition January 2009.

  • Le Corps dans le monde. Récits et espaces sadiens, Peeters, Leuven-Paris, 2005.
  • Discours antireligieux français du XVIIIe siècle. Du curé Meslier au marquis de Sade, Presses de l’Université Laval, l’Harmattan, Québec et Paris 2003. In collaboration with Patrick Graille.
  • (Editor, with Jan Herman and Paul Pelckmans), Préfaces romanesques, Peeters, Louvain-Paris, 2005.
  • (Editor, with Patrick Graille), J. Davisson/d’Holbach, De la Monstruosité pontificale, ou Tableau fidèle des Papes (1767), Critical Edition, Voltaire foundation, Oxford, England,  SVEC 2003:12.


And numerous book chapters and articles published in journals such as Eighteenth-Century Fiction, Esprit Créateur; SVEC, Annuaire théâtral, Cahiers Voltaire, CRIN, Revue des Etudes slaves, Europe, Littérales, Revue de Littérature Comparée, Cahiers d'Histoire des Littératures Romanes, Romance Studies

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