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Celia Winkler


Office: Social Sciences 323
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Teaching Spring 2020

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Fall 2018:

SOCI 443 Sociology of Poverty

SOCI 520 Contemporary Social Theory

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Personal Summary

After working as a legal services attorney for almost eight years, I decided that I needed to understand the political framework and mechanism for the devolution of the welfare state, beginning under the Reagan Administration. Because legal services work ranges from bandaids to tourniquets, I wanted to know how to make permanent and systemic changes that would result in the inclusion of all marginalized people, in the recognition of the necessity of creating and receiving of resources, care, and voice in every individual. No more wounds to bandage.


B.A. in Community Studies, UC Santa Cruz, 1976

J.D. Hastings College of the Law (UC), San Francisco, CA 1979

M.S. Sociology, University of Oregon, 1993

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Oregon, 1996


Research Interests

Inclusion and Exclusion, Social Welfare and Welfare States, Political Sociology, Gender & Work, Feminist Theory, Historical Sociology


Currently working on a sociological examination of the Montana Study, a participatory action project initiated by then-UM president Ernest O. Melby in the mid-1940s, and terminated three years later when the funding ran out. My interest is in examining how it fit into the nationwide movement into participatory action research at that time, which drew its inspiration from the works of John Dewey.

Field of Study

Welfare States, with a special focus on theories of citizenship (belonging): gender, work, political sociology; historical sociology


Selected Publications

Winkler, Celia. 2014. “Redefining Single Motherhood: The 1990s Child Support Discourse and the Dismantling of the U.S. Welfare State." Pages 255 to 277 in Mothering in the Age of Neoliberalism, edited by Melinda Vandenbeld Giles. Toronto: Demeter Press.

Winkler, Celia and Kathy Kuipers. 2013. "The Economic Status of Women in Montana: How Far Have We Come Since Montana Elected the First Congresswoman?" Montana Business Quarterly 51(4):2-7.

Kuipers, Kathy and Celia Winkler. 2013. “Status of Women in Montana.” Technical paper prepared for the Montana Women’s Foundation. http://www.wfmontana.org/docs/2012SWR.pdf

Rooks, Daisy and Celia Winkler. 2012. “Learning Interdisciplinarity: Service Learning and the Promise of Interdisciplinary Teaching.” Teaching Sociology 40(1): 2-20.

Winkler, Celia. 2009. “Feminist Sociological Theory,” in Historical Developments and Theoretical Approaches in Sociology, [Ed. Charles Crothers], in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), Developed under the Auspices of the UNESCO, Eolss Publishers, Oxford ,UK, [http://www.eolss.net]

Winkler, Celia. 2002. Single Mothers and the State: The Politics of Care in Sweden and the United States. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

Winkler, Celia. 2001. “Sweden's Child Support Guarantee and Women's Economic Independence.” Journal of Poverty 5(4): 29-‘49.

Winkler, Celia. 1998. “Mothering, equality and the individual: feminist debates and welfare policies in the USA and Sweden.” Community, Work & Family 1(2):149-166.



Selected Conference Presentations:

Winkler, Celia. “To Promote the General Welfare: From Welfare to the Common Good." 2015 Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, Chicago, August 2015.

Winkler, Celia. “The Montana Study and Postwar Epistemological Transitions.” 2012 Interim Conference of the Research Committee on the History of Sociology, International Sociological Association. Dublin, Ireland   June 27-June 30, 2012.

Winkler, Celia and Lynne Isaacson. “Revisiting the Universal.” Presented at the Pacific Sociological Assocation annual meeting, San Diego, March 2012.

Winkler, Celia. Invited speaker at “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gilman in the Classroom: A Roundtable.” 2011 Charlotte Perkins Gilman Society Meeting, “Gilman Goes West.” June 2011.

Winkler, Celia. “Ideological and Organizational Dilemmas of the Network of Spiritual Progressives.” Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion, New York City, August 2007.

Winkler, Celia. “From Conditional Reconstruction to Disappearance: Deadbeat Dads, Christian Fatherhood, Single Mothers, and Policy Discourse in U.S. Policymaking.” Presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Women’s Studies Association, Oakland, California, June 2006.

Winkler, Celia, Kristeen Black, and Lynne Isaacson. 2005. “Spirituality and Feminism in the Formation of Peace and Justice Activists.” Presented at the 2005 annual meeting of the National Women’s Studies Association, Orlando, Florida, June 2005.

Winkler, Celia. 2004. “Violence, Peace, and the Welfare State.” Presented at the 2004 annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, San Francisco, California, August, 2004.

Winkler, Celia. 2003. “Neoliberalism, Nationalism, and Violence.” Presented at “Comparative Perspectives on Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Nation in Post‑Socialist Societies and the United States,” held in Zagreb and Porec, Croatia, June 1‑8, 2003, sponsored by The National Center for Curriculum Transformation Resources on Women in collaboration with The Centre for Women’s Studies, Zagreb, Croatia.

Winkler, Celia. “Flying Without a Husband: Comparing U.S. and Swedish Approaches to Family Law and Social Policy,” paper presented at the 2001 annual meeting of the Law and Society Association, Budapest, Hungary, July 2001.

Winkler, Celia. “Equality and Freedom: Family and Labor Policies in Sweden and the United States,” presented


President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. SOCI 491/596 course co-taught with Daisy Rooks spring 2010 profiled in UM’s application.

Women’s Studies Faculty Prize for Outstanding Research or Creative Activities in the Study of Women or Gender. 2003. For Single Mothers and the State: The Politics of Care in Sweden and the United States.

The University of Montana. 2003. Mini-sabbatical program. Grant awarded to travel to Croatia to attend the 2003 Summer Institute of the National Center for Curriculum Transformation Resources on Women in collaboration with the Centre for Women’s Studies, Zagreb, Croatia, “Comparative Perspectives on Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Nation in Post‑Socialist Societies and the United States.” Paper presented on “Neoliberalism, Nationalism and Violence.”

O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West. 2000. Summer Fellowship, to research survival strategies of low income households in rural counties of Montana.

University of Montana.  1997.  Small grant program.  Grant awarded to travel to Sweden to conduct research into current changes in the Swedish welfare state.




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Home Department

Department of Sociology 

Area of Expertise

Feminist Theory; Gender and Work; Historical Sociology; Inclusion and Exclusion, Political Sociology; Social Welfare and Welfare States



Teaching Experience

Contemporary Social Theory, Classical Sociological Theory, Gender and Society, Political Sociology, Sociology of Poverty, Religion and Social Movements, Sociology of the Family, Families and the State


Professional Experience

Legal Services Attorney, 1980-1988


International Experience

Fulbright Student Scholar, Stockholm, Sweden, 1992-1993.



Pacific Sociological Association

International Sociological Association

Society for the Study of Social Problems




Hiking with my dogs; sewing, knitting and other textile arts; keeping the house from going to wrack and ruin