New Course - Black Women

Three founders of #blacklivesmatter Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi

AAT 391: Black Women - Race, Gender, and Sexuality is a Fall 2019 on-line course that offers an interdisciplinary examination of the historical and contemporary experiences of black women in the United States from the Antebellum Era through the present. Students will explore key themes including labor and class, gender and sexual violence, as well as individual and collective forms of resistance. How have the intersecting forms of oppression impacted black women’s historical lives? How is difference constructed through interrelated and overlapping ideologies of race and gender? How do scholars uncover black women’s historical lives and what are the challenges to such discoveries? This course examines black women’s individual and collective struggles for freedom from racism, sexism, and heteropatriarchy as well as black women’s participation in and challenge to social movements including Suffrage, Women’s Liberation, Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Black Lives Matter Movement. We will also examine the emergence and development of black feminist analyses of social conditions over time.