2019 Doss Scholarship Award Winner

Maggie Bornstein

The Ulysses S. Doss Scholarship awards committee is excited to announce the 2019 awardee, Maggie Bornstein. Maggie will be a junior in the 2019-20 academic year and is majoring in African-American Studies. The Doss award is given each year to a major or minor in the program who has demonstrated excellence in their studies and a commitment to community service.

In her application essay, Maggie noted that "My African-American Studies major allows me to be a stronger, more informed community organizer given my understanding of effective organizing practices utilized throughout history." She added, "I am committed to ensuring our community is welcoming and supportive of all, and service is one of the ways I hope to achieve a better Missoula."

Congratulations, Maggie!