Faculty and Staff

G.G. Weix

G.G. Weix


Email: GG.Weix@umt.edu
Office: SS 223
Office Hours:

9:00-noon Fridays for students in ANTY 430, 500, 492, 597, 699

By appointment Monday through Friday, Autumn 2021













Current Position

Professor of Anthropology





BA 1981 Anthropology, Stanford University. With Distinction and Honors in Humanities

MA 1985, PHD 1990 Anthropology, Cornell University.


1986 Fulbright Hays Fellowship to Indonesia

1992 Post-doctoral Fellowship, Center for the study of Economic Culture, Boston University

2000 Fulbright Hays Faculty research fellowship (deferred)


Field of Study

Anthropology, Southeast Asian Studies, Women's Studies


Indonesian, Javanese, some French and Dutch


UG ANTY 400: History of Anthropology     Autumn 2022

UG ANTY 422; Mind, Culture and Society   Spring 2022*

UG ANTY 427: Anthropology of Gender      Spring 2021

UG ANTY 430: Social Anthropology (Advanced Writing in the Major) Autumn 2021

UG ANTY 431: Ethnographic Field Methods (Advanced Writing in the Major) Spring 2022*

G ANTY 500: Contemporary Anthropological Thought   Autumn 2021

* TBD as of September 2021