Fee Structure

*All fees are subject to the University of Montana’s In-direct costs (currently at a rate of 29% of total cost).
**All prices are subject to change without notice.
†All box rates are for standard 10x12x15 inch boxes packed ac-cording to the UMACF’s archival standards; all contents not meeting or exceeding UMACF’s standards will be charged additional processing fees to bring the collection into compliance with UAMCF’s standards.

Fee Structure (PDF)

In-Trust Collections

Ownership of the collection is retained by the tribe, government agency, or land owner. The UMACF curates said collection under contract.

Accession Fee*†:  $250

  • One-time per box fee.
  • Box inventory, placement into storage, archival box, downloading of existing database into PastPerfect 5.0.

Annual Fee*:  $60

  • Charged annually on anniversary of deposit or as stipulated in MOA; per box.
  • 6 year terms
  • Visual inspection annually, itemized inventory every 3 years, collection status report including access log and copies of any resulting research, data migration, and copy of UMACF annual report.

Deeded Collections

Collection is deeded to the UMACF by the control-ling legal government agency, tribe, or private party and assessed a one-time fee.

Accession Fee*†:  $1,500

  • Per box
  • Processing of collection upon delivery and curation in perpetuity.

Drawers maybe available upon request.


Hard Copy Records

Associated Records Fee*:  $50/linear inch (min. $250)

(Standard or legal sized paper, photos, field notebooks)

  • One-time fee that includes the storage space fee and a digitization fee.
  • Placement into archival folders, inventory, cataloged into PastPerfect 5.0, placement into storage, and digitization.

Maps*:  $50/piece

  • Placement into an archival folder or storage tube and cataloged into PastPerfect 5.0.

Scanned and digitized:  $30/hour in ½ hour increments

Copied:  $0.25/ square foot

Digital Records

Standard Unzipped files
Includes data migration as needed and off-site back-up.

  • Level I – $10 (1KB to 1MB)
  • Level II - $25 (1.1MB to 10MB)
  • Level III - $50 (10.1MB to 100MB)
  • Level IV - $75 (100.1MB to 250MB)
  • Level V - $100 (250.1MB to 500MB)
  • Level VI - $125 (500.1MB to 750MB)
  • Level VII - $150 (750.1MB to 999MB)
  • Level VIII - $250 (1TB to 1.25TB)

Anything above 1.25 TB is $250 plus $2/additional MB.

Digital Hard Media Storage

Initial hardware provided by submitter.  If hardware is needed upon submission it will be charged at the current supplier rate plus shipping.

Jump/Thumb Drive

  • $10 ea. with NO data migration
  • $50 ea. with data migration/ 5yrs

DVD disks

  • $10 ea. with NO data migration
  • $30 ea. with data migration/ 5yrs

External Hard Drive

  • $75 ea. with NO data migration
  • $250 ea. with data migration/5yrs

Additional Processing Fees

  • Curator or Collections Manager:  $41/hour
  • Collections Lab Staff:  $25/hour
  • Lab Fee*:  $375/ week
  • Cataloging:  $4/artifact or $25/hour
  • Additional Supplies:  Variable (Based on current distributor rates including shipping)
  • Copies:  $0.25/page
  • Scanning:  $2/page or $15/half hour
  • Mount Building:  Variable

Large scale processing and cataloging projects are negotiated on a per project basis. Please submit a request to the UMACF for a quote.