Dissertations and Theses Associated with UMACF Collections

Baker, Jospeh (1989), Cultural Ecology and the Paleoethnobotany at the Pictograph Cave Site (MA Thesis)

Berger, Alexis (2014), Pesticide Contamination of Ethnographic Collections and the Implications for Repatriation and Research (MA Thesis)

Bobbitt, Mary (expected 2015), Anthropogenic and Natural Riverscapes Along the Clark Fork River, Western Montana: Case Studies for Prehistoric and Historic (Rural and Urban) Archaeological Sites (MA Thesis)

Campbell, Bethany H. (2011), Our Collective History: The Curation Crisis and the Excavation of an Archaeological Repository (MA Thesis)

Carper, Raven Garvey (2004), An introduction to the concept of a “symmetry index” for use in the assessment of biface production goals illustrated using lithic materials from the Avon site (24PW340), Powell County, Montana (MA Thesis)

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Lane, Nicole (expected 2015), A Multicultural Archaeology of Children in the American West (MA Thesis)

Luksha, Victoria (2011), Paraffin: An Ecological Model for Bone Conservation (MA Thesis)

Merritt, Christopher (2010), The Coming Man from Canton: Chinese Experience in Montana (1862-1943) (PhD Dissertation)

Miltner, Tom (2013), Archaeology of the Rosebud Battlefield (MA Thesis)

Mueller, Jackson (2011), Individual Agency and Military Structure: Personal Artifacts from 1890s Fort Missoula (MA Thesis)

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Norman, William (2012), Archaeology of German Gulch and the Overseas Chinese (MA Thesis)

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Scott, Sara (2014), Ties That Bind on the Northwestern Plains: Contexts for Prehistoric Trade and Travel (PhD Dissertation)

Swartz, Ayme (expected 2016), Archaeology of the Buffalo Soldiers: Exploring Life, Landscape, and a Military Dump Along the Bitterroot River in Western Montana (MA Thesis)

Timmons, Marta A. (exp. 2015), Public versus Private Space in the Mining West:  A Community Studies Approach to Coloma (PhD Dissertation)

Thurlo, Margaret (2010), Masculine Domesticity in the Mining West: An Archaeological Investigation at Coloma Ghost Town (MA Thesis)

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