We collaborate with local and regional schools to offer special classroom visits during which we provide an environment for learning about the biology and ecology of Montana’s birds. Here are some of the ways we reach out to area schools:
  • We visit schools in Potomac and Seeley Lake areas to prepare students on our Bird’s-eye View Education Program before they visit our banding station in May.
  • During the school year, we deliver our Bird’s-eye View Education Program to every 5th grade classroom in Missoula, Clinton, and Bonner on field trips with Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (this program is run by Dalit Guscio of UM.
  • Each year, we visit select classrooms by special invite to speak about topics that are relevant to current science curriculum.
  • In 2017, we secured funding to provide 3rd graders in the Missoula area the “Winter Wings over Missoula” program which gives students the opportunity to learn about Montana’s resident birds in winter, field identification, population dynamics, and winter physiology through a unique capture-recapture program where students assist in the field.