Fee Structure

Please use the X-ray Crystallographic Laboratory Sample Submission Form when sending the Facility your samples.

Fee (academic self)

Fee (academic staff)

Fee (non-academic)

Project Specific Consumables no charge billed at cost per item
Unit Cell Determination no charge no charge
Training (staff time) no charge


N/A (non-academic)

Liquid Nitrogen $20/structure $20/structure
Data Collection $40/structure


$65/structure (non-academic)

Data Workup no charge


$85/structure (non-academic)

Color 3D printed crystal structures (all sizes are approximate and of the largest dimension).

Prices include post-processing with Colorbond:

Small (1.5 inches) $40
Medium (2.5 inches, recommended) $60
Large (4 inches) $100
Custom coloring $5