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J. Stephen Lodmell

J. Stephen Lodmell

Professor, Division of Biological Sciences; Director, Biochemistry Program

Phone: 406-243-6393
Office: CHCB 202
Office Hours:

CHCB202: M, W 11-12 and by appointment

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Curriculum Vitae

Current Position

Professor, Division of Biological Sciences


BCH294 (with others, spring semesters)

BCH480 Advanced Biochemistry I (fall 2020)

BCH482 Advanced Biochemistry II (every spring semester)

BCH561 RNA Structure and Function (every semester)

BCH584 Nucleic Acids  (fall semesters- odd numbered years)

BCH380 Fundamentals of Biochemistry (fall semesters- even numbered years)

Personal Summary

The overall research areas in my laboratory are molecular virology, host-virus interactions, and cellular antiviral and inflammatory pathways.  In particular, we study how mammalian cells respond to  Rift Valley fever virus infection, and how the virus evades the cellular antiviral and inflammatory reactions to infection.  We investigate the roles of RNA structural motifs within viral genomes and host mRNAs during viral packaging, translation, and splicing, and during the host cell's response to infection.  Enhanced understanding of these essential processes will lead to potential novel antiviral therapeutic strategies.  Furthermore, understanding how viruses suppress cellular immune responses to infection will inform novel strategies to combat autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases.


B.S. Chemistry, University of Montana 1985
M.S. Biochemistry, University of Montana, 1991
Ph.D. Biology, Brown University, 1996

Post-doctoral: Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France 1996-1999


Research Interests

My research interests lie in the mechanisms of molecular recognition between biological macromolecules. In particular, I am interested in RNA-RNA and RNA-protein interactions as they relate to viral replication. Interfering with these essential interactions during viral replication represents a potential avenue for antiviral drug development.

Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) is a mosquito borne pathogen that is endemic to Africa, but has the potential for spread outside its historical boundaries due to increased global trade and changing climate patterns. The virus causes disease in humans and livestock. In humans, symptoms range from a mild flu-like illness to severe hemorrhagic fever. So far there are no proven treatments or vaccines to combat or prevent the disease. 

RVFV nucleocapsid protein, N, has several known functions during replication, including roles in encapsidation, packaging, translational control, and regulating the balance between genomic and antigenomic viral RNA synthesis in infected cells. Each of these functions is crucial for the virus to propagate successfully and each involves interactions with RNA. We are striving to understand at the molecular level how N recognizes viral RNA.  We are also endeavoring to identify small molecule inhibitors of this interaction that could be developed into drugs to treat humans and/or livestock that are infected with RVFV.

Field of Study

Molecular virology and RNA biochemistry

Selected Publications

Stamm S, Lodmell JS (2019) C/D box snoRNAs in viral infections: RNA viruses use old dogs for new tricks. Non-coding RNA Research 4: 46-53.

Havranek KE, White LA, Lanchy JM, Lodmell JS (2019) Transcriptome profiling in Rift Valley fever virus infected cells reveals modified transcriptional and alternative splicing programs. PloS one 14: e0217497.

Hornak KE, Lanchy JM, Lodmell JS (2016) RNA Encapsidation and Packaging in the Phleboviruses. Viruses 8: 194-208.

Ellenbecker, M, St Goddard, J, Sundet, A, Lanchy, JM,Raiford, D, Lodmell, JS (2015) Computational prediction and biochemical characterization of novel RNA aptamers to Rift Valley fever virus nucleocapsid protein. Comput Biol Chem, 58, 120-5.

Ellenbecker, M, Lanchy, JM, Lodmell, JS (2014) Inhibition of Rift Valley fever virus replication and perturbation of nucleocapsid-RNA interactions by suramin. Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 58, (12), 7405-15.

Ellenbecker M, Lanchy JM, Lodmell JS (2012) Identification of Rift Valley fever virus nucleocapsid protein-RNA binding inhibitors using a high-throughput screening assay. Journal of biomolecular screening 17: 1062-1070. PMCID: PMC3520603.


Ellenbecker M, Sears L, Li P, Lanchy JM, Lodmell JS (2012) Characterization of RNA aptamers directed against the nucleocapsid protein of Rift Valley fever virus. Antiviral Res 93: 330-339. PMCID: PMC3299919.


Wright BE, Schmidt KH, Hunt AT, Lodmell JS, Minnick MF, Reschke DK (2011) The roles of transcription and genotoxins underlying p53 mutagenesis in vivo. Carcinogenesis 32: 1559-1567. PMCID: PMC3179427.


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Professional Experience

Post-doctoral Fellow 1996-1999
Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire

Université Louis Pasteur

Strasbourg, France


Visiting Scholar 2006-2007

(Research on Rift Valley fever virus N-RNA interactions, hosted by Prof. Richard Elliott)

The University of St. Andrews

Centre for Biomolecular Sciences

St. Andrews, UK


Visiting Professor June-August 2011

(Research on ribosome structure and function, hosted by Prof. Albert Dahlberg)

Brown University

Providence, RI



Primary affiliation: Division of Biological Sciences/CMMB
Program Director: Biochemistry Program (interdepartmental)
Participating faculty in Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
Participating faculty in Molecular Biosciences (MBS) Umbrella Program