Mass Spectrometry Instrument Upgrades

Biomedical lab with equipment

The Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (MSCF), located at ISB 006, offers services and training for students, staff, and faculty in need of next-generation mass spectrometry for their research.  The MSCF director, Dr. Kendal Ryter, together with manager, Dr. Eric Schultz, have extensive experience in developing MS-based approaches for a variety of research disciplines.  Dr. Schultz, with the help of graduate student fellow Miyuki Hayashi, has continued to expand and optimize the services offered by the MSCF that now include both proteomic and metabolomic analyses.  Recently, Drs. Schultz and Ryter have put a great deal of effort into improving MSCF instrumentation including significant repairs for the Quadrupole-Time-of-Flight (QTOF), Triple Quadrupole (QqQ), and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) -TOF mass spectrometers.  In January of 2021, the MSCF submitted a proposal for a new QTOF instrument that would greatly improve metabolomic capabilities by allowing for the simultaneous identification and quantitation of hundreds of metabolites in a single run.  Drs. Schultz and Ryter are currently writing an additional proposal to replace the QqQ mass spectrometer with a state-of-the-art instrument capable of high-throughput analysis of trace proteins and small molecules from biological and environmental samples. For more information on how MSCF instrumentation and services could further your research, please contact Eric Schultz ( or Kendal Ryter (, and they will be happy to assist you.