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Contributed by: Heidi Boggs, Financial Officer

Intrinsic motivation is powerful and abundant within our vibrant research community at CBSD. In my MBA degree studies, I learned that intrinsic motivators are often stronger than extrinsic motivators in an organization’s culture. This is incredibly true in a research setting where inquiry and exploration lead to scientific progress and discoveries. It is a huge factor contributing to CBSD’s success as a highly effective research center.

Meet our staff: Tami Bayer, Sara Jestrab, Kathy White and I are knowledgeable, experienced, highly productive, efficient, and eager to help. We specialize in submitting grant proposals, managing grants, financial planning, and funding strategy. In the past five years, we helped submit 141 grant proposals requesting $92.4 million of funding including our Phase II COBRE grant. Over 30% of these proposals were successful representing $17.6 million in new awards for investigators in addition to CBSD’s $10.6 million Phase II COBRE grant! We have seen progressive growth in the volume of investigator-initiated grants over the past five years as shown in the graph below.

CBSD is interdisciplinary by design and facilitates collaborative research with the following departments: Division of Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Computer Science. If you are interested in submitting a grant through CBSD that is in our scientific theme, please reach out to Kathy White.

CBSD has grown significantly for several years now. In fiscal years 2015-2019, CBSD’s combined grant expenditures were $25.0 million, with a 13.5% sustained annual growth rate during this time.

Let us support your research!

The CBSD community is a top contributor to indirect cost return revenue at the University of Montana, bringing in over $1.66 million in the fiscal year 2019 according to the FY19 Expenditures by Department report published by the Office of Sponsored Programs. During fiscal years 2015-2019, CBSD’s grants earned $6.6 million in indirect cost return revenue that helped support university research costs.

 CBSD Grant Activity from FY15-FY19

We could not have done this without your support. Thank you for allowing CBSD to be a part of your team and success story!