CHMY 630 - Dick Juday Memorial Seminar Series

Fall 2020 Seminars - Mondays, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

ATTEND VIRTUALLY:  Email Taylor Keelan for the meeting password to access the seminars on Mondays using the Zoom information below.

Zoom Meeting Code:  913 8661 2888

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  • 1/11:  First Day of Classes - No Seminar
  • 1/18:  Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No Classes
  • 1/25:  No Seminar


  • 2/1:  Tracee Anderson (Curry Health Center, University of Montana):  What Now?  I'm in graduate school AND I also have to deal with COVID-19
  • 2/8:  No Seminar
  • 2/15:  Presidents' Day - No Classes
  • 2/22: Connie Lu (Chemistry, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities):  Rhodium-Group 13 Catalysts for Challenging Hydrodefluorination Reactions


  • 3/1:  No Seminar
  • 3/8:  Xi Chu (Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Montana):  Probing electronic structures and ultrafast dynamics with intense infrared lasers
  • 3/15:  Wei Liu (Chemistry, University of Cincinnati):  Copper-Catalyzed Difluoromethylation Reactions 
  • 3/22:  No Seminar
  • 3/29:  John Anderson (Chemistry, University of Chicago): Synthesis and Reactivity of a Terminal Co Oxo Complex


  • 4/5:  Bruce Bowler (Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Montana):  Conformational Bias in Protein Folding and Stability
  • 4/12:  Marat Talipov (Chemistry & Biochemistry, New Mexico State University):  Title TBA
  • 4/19:  David Goldberg (Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University):  Title TBA
  • 4/26:  Finals Week - No Seminar

Seminars by Semester


  • 8/24: No seminar
  • 8/31: Chris Palmer (University of Montana): Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Brewery


  • 9/7: Labor Day (no seminar)
  • 9/14: Borries Demeler (University of Montana / University of Lethbridge): Characterization of drug delivery vehicle loading by AUC
  • 9/21: Ronald C. Cohen (University of California, Berkeley): Imaging Chemistry in Cities
  • 9/28: TBA


  • 10/12: Nastaran Hadizadeh (Lumicks):  Real-time single-molecule investigation of dynamic biological processes: From structure to function
  • 10/19: Martin Lawrence (Montana State University): Cellular structures at pseudo-atomic resolution by cryo-EM - A case study from Montana
  • 10/26: Dick Field (University of Montana): Chemistry of Chemical Oscillations and Patterns in the BZ Reaction


  • 11/2: Daniel Jacob (Harvard University): Air Quality Trends in China: A Chemical Perspective
  • 11/9: Terry Wallace (Los Alamos National Laboratory): Gold: A Journey from the Big Bang to the Forests of the Amazon
  • 11/16: Steve Sprang (University of Montana): A New Structural Paradigm for G Protein Activation


  • Feb. 3: Presenter: Dr. Rheem Totah, University of Washington
  • Feb. 10: Presenter: Dr. Berk Knighton, Montana State University
  • Feb. 24: Vibliome Therapeutics: A Small Molecule Discovery Company Focused on Kinase Inhibitors. Presenter: Dr. Robert Goodwin, Vibliome, Bozeman, MT


  • Mar. 2: Presenter: Dr. Scott Gilbertson, University of Houston
  • Mar. 9: Presenter: Dr. Brian Bothner, Montana State University
  • Mar. 23: Presenter: Dr. Mary Cloninger, Montana State University
  • Mar. 30: Presenter: Manish Shrivastava, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


  • Apr. 6: Presenter: Dr. Eric Ross, Gonzaga
  • Apr. 13: Great Beer Makes for Great Chemistry, Presenter: Dr. Chris Palmer, University of Montana
  • Apr. 20: Presenter: Dr. Michael Marty, University of Arizona
  • Apr. 27: Presenter: Dr. Dong Wang, University of Montana


Sept. 9: Be Well UM

Presenter: Julee Stearns, Curry Health Center

Sept. 16: Lab Safety Seminar

Presenter: Charles Emnett, University of Montana Environmental Health & Risk Management

Sept. 23: Structural Definition of Biased Signaling in Nuclear Receptors

Presenter: Dr. Travis Hughes, University of Montana

Sept. 30: Dissecting Mechanism of Conformationally Controlled Electron Transfer in Nitric Oxide Synthases

Presenter: Dr. Jim Feng, University of New Mexico


Oct. 7: Structure of Myeloid-Derived Growth Factor

Presenter: Dr. Deane Mosher, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Oct. 14: Nonactin - Past, Present, and Future

Presenter: Dr. Nigel Priestley, University of Montana

Oct. 21: The Luck of Good Timing: An Aspect of the Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Presenter: Dr. Dick Field, University of Montana

Oct. 28: Metabolic and Proteomic Profiling in personal medicine and Environmental Studies

Presenter: Dr. Jiri Adamec, University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Nov. 4: Looking at Chemistry in Hard to See Places: Material changes and Oxidation Mechanisms in High Temperature Energy Conversation Devices 

Presenter: Dr. Rob Walker, Montana State University

Nov. 18: Chemistry and the Tech Industry, an Unassuming bond

Presenter: Barry Daniel, Intel

Nov. 25: User-Programmable Hydrogel Biomaterials to Probe and Direct 4D Stem Cell Fate

Presenter: Dr. Cole DeForest, University of Washington

January 14th

Speaker: Royce Engstrom, Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Montana

Title: A Research Path into Administration

February 4th

Speaker:  Alysia Cox, Assistant Professor, Montana Tech

Title: Rock controls on life: From the seafloor to the continent

February 11th 

Speaker: Shanadeen Begay, Postdoc, Northeastern University

Title: The Thermodynamics, Structure and Dynamics: Influences on Catalysis of Biological Molecules Using Molecular Dynamics

March 11th

Speaker: Sharon Neufeldt, Assistant Professor, Montana State University

Title: Using N-heterocyclic carbene ligands to control cross coupling selectivity

March 18th

Speaker: Aaron Sather, Senior Scientist, Merck

Title: The Construction of Hindered N-Aryl Piperidines and the Carbodiimide Click Reaction

April 1st

Speaker: Chris Cornelius, Professor, University of Nebraska

Title: TBA

April 8th 

Speaker: Karletta Chief, Professor, University of Arizona

Title: Community Driven University Partnerships to Assess Exposures and Risk Perceptions of Diné Communities following the Gold King Mine Spill

April 15th

Speaker: Eric Aston, Professor, University of Idaho

Title: TBA

April 22nd

Speaker: Ranga Narayanan, Distinguished Professor, University of Florida

Title: TBA

September 10th

Speaker: Professor Michael DeGrandpre, Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Montana

Title: Changes in the Arctic Ocean Carbon Cycle

September 17th

Speaker: Professor John Priscu, Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Montana State University

Title: The Hidden World Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet

September 24th

Speaker: Chuck Emnett

Title: Safety Seminar

October 1st

Speaker: Professor Bob Hall, Flathead Lake Biological Station, University of Montana

Title: Metabolism of Many Rivers

October 8th

Speaker: Sci-Finder Personnel

Title: Using Sci-Finder Scholar

October 15th

Speaker: Professor Matt Church, Flathead Lake Biological Station, University of Montana

Title: Time, Water, and Change: Plankton Biogeochemistry in Low-Nutrient Ecosystems

October 22nd

Speaker: Dr. Andrea Fassbender, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Title: Chemical feedbacks in the climate system: A modified marine carbon cycle under business-as-usual carbon dioxide emissions

October 29th

Speaker: Professor Brent Else, University of Calgary

Title: Year-round atmospheric and oceanic measurements to better understand air-sea CO2 exchange in the Arctic

November 5th

CBSD Sponsored Speaker: Professor Adam Fiedler, Marquette University

Title: Characterization of Short-Lived Intermediates in the Reaction of Synthetic Dioxygenase Models with Dioxygen

November 19th

Speaker: Professor Stephanie Ewing, Montana State University

Title: Geochemical tracers of mineral-water interaction from porewaters of the
shallow subsurface to bedrock aquifers and rivers of Alaska and Montana

November 26th

Speaker: Professor Ben Colman, University of Montana

Title: Cycling and impacts of colloids and nanoparticles in ecosystems

December 3rd

Speaker: Professor Todd Martz, Universit of California, San Diego

Title: Chemical sensors for ocean profiling floats

September 25th

Speaker: Chuck Emnett, Environmental Health and Risk Management

Title: Lab Safety Seminar

October 9th

Speaker: Seven C. Bergmeier, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Ohio University

Title: Synthetic modifications of natural products - Identification of new therapeutic agents

October 19th

Speaker: George Stanley, Cyril & Tuttle Vetter Alumni Professor, Department of Chemistry, Louisiana State University

Title: Bimetallic Hydroformylation: Twice the Fun?!

October 23rd

Speaker: Andrea Stierle, Research Professor, BMED, University of Montana

Title: Fungal Inhibitors of Molecular Pathways Associated with Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) and New Antibiotics from Cryptic Biosynthesis

November 6th

Speaker: Carl Lovely, Professor & Distinguished Teaching Professor, Assoc. Dept Chair, Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Texas Arlington

Title: An amphibious assault on marine alkaloids

November 13th

Speaker: Yisong (Alex) Guo, Assitant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University

November 20th

Speaker: Dick Field,  Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, University of Montana

Title:  The Several Forms of Einstein’s Genius:  His bold 1905 Proposal of the Quantum of Radiation Defined as E = hν, and the Fierce Resistance to It.

December 4th

Speaker: Monica Serban, Assistant Professor, BMED, University of Montana


December 11th

Speaker: Courtney Aldrich, Associate Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minnesota

January 30

Speaker: Brad Layton, Director, Energy Technology Program Applied Computing and Engineering Technology Department—Missoula College

Title: Protein Mechanics: How Collagen and Tubulin Hold Life Together

Abstract: When considering molecular biology, topics involving the mechanics of materials don’t typically come to mind. However, in the dawning age of nanomaterials, it has become clear that the language of material mechanics quickly becomes relevant. Associate Professor Layton will review some of the work he has done in protein evolution, collagen mechanics, tubulin mechanics, and diabetic neuropathy. Attendees will have the opportunity to discover how many of the same material mechanics principles that apply at the human scale also have relevance at the molecular scale.

February 13

Speaker: Chris Palmer, University of Montana, Chair Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Title: Evaluation of Latex Nanoparticle-Modified Silicas as Sorbents for Solid Phase Extraction Systems

March 13

Speaker: Orion Berryman, University of Montana

March 27

Speaker: Dick Field, University of Montana

April 3

Speaker: Brett Keiper, East Carolina University

April 10

Speaker: Guest Speaker and MSU Professor(s) Szilagyi and/or Stephan Irle,

April 17

Speaker: Jon Jacobs, Pacific Northwest National Lab

April 24

Speaker: Brian Bothner, Montana State University

May 1

Speaker: Bing Gong, University of Buffalo

May 8

Speaker: Bryce Tappan, Los Alamos National Labs

September 12

Borries Dememler,  Center for Analytical Ultracentrifugation ofr Macromolecular Assemblies (CAUMA), University of Texas San Antonio

September 19

Chuck Emnett, University of Montana Saftey Program & Assoc. Emergency Manager

Ranalda Tsosie, University of Montana PhD student and GSA member

September 26

Tim Jackson, Kansas University

October 3

Evangelos Sisamakis, PicoQuant

October 10

Speaker: TBA

October 17

Speaker: Armando McDonald, University of Idaho

Title: Lignin Copolymers and Grafting Cellulose onto Bioplastics


This seminar will cover two of projects on biobased materials.

  1. A series of lignin-copolymers were prepared using industrial lignins and hyperbranched prepolymers (HBP) via melt condensation.  To obtain different HBP structures (A2B3, B3-A2-CB31) the prepolymers were synthesized using various difunctional diacids (A2, e.g. adipic acid), trifunctional alcohols (B3, e.g. glycerol and triethanolamine), tertrafunctional alcohol/amine (CB31, tris(hydroxymethyl)-aminomethane) building blocks. These lignin copolymers were elastomeric and shown to have thermally stimulated shape memory effects (SME). Different branching and core structures of the HBP (soft segment) were shown to influence the properties of the lignin-copolymers. The results demonstrated that properties of lignin-copolymers could be tuned through lignin type, lignin content, prepolymer structure, and monomer variations. This study demonstrated that lignin, a renewable byproduct, can be promisingly valorized to apply as a netpoint segment in biobased polymer systems with SME behavior.
  2. Green biocomposites from the bacterial bioplastic, poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (PHB), and cellulose fibers was prepared. Grafting of PHB onto cellulose was carried out by reactive extrusion using dicumyl peroxide free radical initiation. The chemical, mechanical and thermal properties were evaluated. The mechanical properties of the biocomposites were improved by cross-linking due to better stress transfer between the two interphases as compared to the blend control composite without adding peroxide. This inline process offers an effective approach to improve biocomposite materials by reactive extrusion.

October 24

Speaker: Julie Mcgettrick

Title: "Characterizing Cationic Latex Nanoparticles in South Australia"

October 31

Speaker: TBA

November 7

Speaker: Jim Robert, NOAA-Boulder

November 14

Speaker: Dick Field, University of Montana

November 21

Speaker: Andrew Ranck, University of Montana

Title: Stumbling Through Social Research

November 28

Speaker: TBA

December 5

Speaker: TBA

December 12

Speaker: TBA

January 25

Andrea Stierle, BMED, University of Montana

February 1

Christer Aakeröy, Kansas State University

Title: From molecular dating to functional materials

Abstract: PDF

February 8

Kim Hageman, University of Otago

Title: Atmospheric Transport of Semi-volatile Organic Contaminants

February 22

Gerrit Groenenboom, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands

February 29

Phillip Britz-McKibbin, McMaster University

Title: Metabolomic Studies of Firefighter Exposure to Wood Smoke: Novel Markers for Improved Risk Assessment and Mitigation

March 7

Tyler Smith, Rivertop Renewables

March 14

Alex Grishaev, University

March 21

Luca Salassa, CIC biomaGUNE (San Sebastián, Spai

March 28

Jiantao Guo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

April 11

April 18

Eric Brauns, University of Idaho

Title: Mid-infrared Diffuse Reflection on Ultrafast Time Scales

April 25

Scott Prosser, University of Toronto-Mississauga

August 20

Antoniotti Sylvain, CNRS France Host: BMED/CHEM

Title: Development of Synthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry Based on Metal-Catalysed Reactions: From Mononuclear Metal Complexes to Metal Nanoparticles

August 31

Kevin Schug, University of Texas, Arlington

Title: Analytical Strategies for Investigating Potential Effects of Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction on Groundwater Quality

September 14

Markus Müller, University of Innsbruck

Title: First Airborne PTR-ToF-MS Measurements of VOCs in a Biomass Burning Plume: Primary Emissions and Aging

October 19

Lallan Giri, Biologics Resources LLC

Title: Medical Counter-measures Against Bio-terrorism (12:10 pm)

Kendal Ryter, GlaxoSmithKline

Title: Synthetic Adjuvant Development Program: Aminoalkyl Glucosaminide Phosphates (AGPs) (4:10 pm)

October 26

Valeriy Smirnov, University of Montana, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

November 2

Valerie Copie, Montana State University

Title: Probing the metabolism of microbes by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

November 9

Stefan Stoll,

Title: Mapping Protein Conformational Changes Using EPR Spectroscopy

November 16

Phillippe Buhlmann, University of Minnesota

December 7

Monica Serban, University of Montana, Material Sciences

Title: Shape-shifting thixotropic hydrogels as a tool for in vitro 3D cell culture

February 2

John Dawson, University of South Carolina (CBSD Sponsored)
Title: "Generation and Reactivity of Transient Cytochrome P450 Oxygen-Containing Intermediates"

February 9

Rob Smith, University of Montana Department of Computer Science
Title: "The Significance of Data Processing in Mass Spectrometry: Challenges and Opportunities"

February 23

Jennifer Dubois, Montana State University
Title: "TBA"

February 26

Larry Que, University of Minnesota
Title: "Peroxodiiron Intermediates of Oxygenases Involved in Cell Proliferation and Chloramphenicol Biosynthesis (and Related Synthetic Models)"

March 2

Ed Rosenberg & Trina Valencich, University of Montana
Title: "What we did on our one semester sabbatical! By Ed Rosenberg and Trina Valencich"

March 5

Candidate II Bioinorganic Search
Title: TBA

March 9

Candidate III Bioinorganic Search
Title: "TBA"

March 12

Candidate IV Bioinorganic Search
Title: "TBA"

March 16

Ed Rosenberg, University of Montana
Title: "TBA"

March 23

Mark Grimes, University of Montana (Division of Biological Sciences)
Title: "TBA"

April 6

Hlanganani Tutu, Univeristy of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Title: "Understanding and Responding to Contaminants in Gold Mining Environments in South Africa"

April 13

Richard H. Fish, Berkeley Lab, University of California Berkeley
Title: "Chemoselective Synthesis of [(h6-Cp*Rh-Tyr1)-Leu-enkephalin](OTf)2 ,  and Quantum Chemical and Molecular Docking Studies with G-Protein-Coupled µ-, ∂-, and k-Opioid Receptors"

April 20

Andy Borovik, University of California-Irvine (CBSD Sponsored)
Title: "Synthetic Chemistry as a Window into Biology: Probing Active Site Metal–Oxo and Metal–Hydroxo Complexes"

April 27

Garon Smith, Univeristy of Montana
Title: "TThe Wizard of UM in New Zealand"

May 4

William Pennington, Clemson University
Title: "Halogen Bonding: Fundamentals and Applications"