Undergraduate Programs in Chemistry

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Chemistry is the central science that involves the study of molecules, their structures, their combinations, their interactions, and the energy changes accompanying chemical processes.

In addition to degrees in chemistry, undergraduate B.A. and B.S. degrees in Biochemistry are offered through the Biochemistry Program, a joint program between the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Division of Biological Sciences.

High School Preparation

In addition to the general University admission requirements, it is strongly recommended that a student take four years of mathematics, four (or more) years of science (earth and space science, biology, chemistry, and physics), four years of a modern or classical language, and four years of English.

Degree Options - Chemistry

Bachelor's of Science (American Chemical Society Certified)

The courses required for the B.S. degree provide a solid education in chemistry for the professional chemist and in preparation for graduate work in most areas of chemistry.  These requirements meet the latest certification standards of the American Chemical Society. If you choose to pursue a B.S. in chemistry, you may also select specialized options in Environmental Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, and Pharmacology.  

Bachelor's of Arts

The courses required for the B.A. degree provide a less extensive training in chemistry than do the courses required for the ACS certified B.S. degree. This allows the student to supplement his or her program with courses that meet his or her specific needs. Thus this degree provides the core of traditional preparation in chemistry together with latitude for combination in an interdisciplinary field or in the Teacher Preparation program. It is strongly advised that students using this degree obtain faculty advice in planning their program.


Students may choose to supplement their chosen degrees with a minor in chemistry.

Degree Options - Biochemistry

Biochemistry degrees provide students with a strong grounding in both chemistry and biology with coursework in biochemistry beginning with our first year course BCH 110/111: Biochemistry of Life. All majors participate in a 2nd year Biochemistry Seminar and complete a year-long sequence in Advanced Biochemistry as a junior or senior.