Chinese Ceramics

Ceramics imported by Chinese immigrants in the United States covered both table/serving and utilitarian wares. The styles of Chinese tableware included "Bamboo", "Double Happiness"and/or "Sweet Pea", "Celadon,""Four Flowers" or "Four Seasons", and designs. Chinese utility ceramics are generally a brown-glazed stoneware that can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on what the vessel originally held. For example, the spouted jar vessel usually contained soy sauce or another type of sauce when it was originally purchased hence the spout. On the other hand the wide-mouthed or globular jar usually held dried or pickled foods such as eggs or onions, as well as dried rice and sugar. Archaeologists discover fragments of all these styles at sites in Montana and elsewhere in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Unless otherwise noted, all items on this page are in the private collection of Gary Weisz. In addition, all photos on this page are by Gary Weisz.

Double Happiness & Sweet Pea ceramic
Double Happiness & Sweet Pea

bamboo ceramic

celadon ceramic

four seasons ceramic
Four Seasons or Four Flowers

ginger ceramics
Ginger Jar

brown glazed ceramic
Brown-Glazed Stoneware

Unidentified Ceramic Styles
Unidentified Ceramic Styles

Other Chinese Ceramics footed bowl exterior
Other Chinese Ceramics footed bowl exterior