China Row at Forestvale Cemetery

Between 1900 and 1956, over 200 Chinese individuals were buried at Forestvale Cemetery, just north of Helena, MT. The site includes a few headstones bearing the name and place of birth of the deceased, written in a mixture of English and Chinese characters. In addition, the area has a partially intact brick funerary burner used by the Chinese to honor their dead through various cultural rituals. In addition, there is a large assemblage of Chinese artifacts on the surface of the cemetery that can help shed some light on the funerary practices of the Chinese during this period. Today, the cemetery is in dire need of rehabilitation, and Merritt is in the process of acquiring funds to do this work in partnership with Forestvale Cemetery, the Montana Historical Society, and the University of Montana.

Translation of Chinese Characters
Thanks to Ed Tennant, U of FL

Grave Marker
Grave Maker at China Row
Furerary Burner
Funerary Burner at China Row