Alice Bolin (MFA 2011) has been offered a tenure-track position in creative writing at the University of Memphis.

Kevin Canty's novel, Underworld, is a finalist for the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association's Reading the West Book Award for fiction

William Wallace's (MFA 2016) story, "Gig Marks," won the 2018 Yemassee Writing Contest.

Dwight Curtis’ (first year MFA fiction writer) story, "Elephant Shoe," will appear in Shark Reef's Summer 2018 issue.

Rebecca Durham (third year MFA poet) has three poems in the recent issue of Mantis.

Aya Satoh (second year MFA poet) is published in Anomaly in a special folio called Radical: Avant Garde Poets of Color.

Congratulations to Maren Schiffer (first year MFA poet) whose poem “Can’t Sonnet” was selected by Jane Wong as the winner of the 2018 Academy of American Poets University Prize. Shout out to Molly Gray (first year MFA poet) whose poem “Dogfall” was selected as an honorable mention.

Liana Imam’s (second year MFA fiction writer) story "Hell, MI" is out in the new issue of Waccamaw.

Prageeta Sharma has a poem in the Boston Review.

Here’s an interview with Sandra Simonds (MFA 2003) in BackLit Talks.

Andrew Sean Greer’s (MFA 1996) piece “All the Novels I Almost Wrote” (about how his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Less, came to be written) is published in Literary Hub.

Liana Imam (second year MFA fiction writer) was accepted into the Summer Literary Seminar workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia this July to work with Maaza Mengiste and Jenny Zhang.

Congrats to Joe Kirk (first year MFA nonfiction writer) who has been selected as next year’s CutBank Editor-in-Chief.

Jenny Sheets (first year MFA nonfiction writer)/Story Squares app won $21,000 in a start-up contest!

Congrats to the following undergraduates for being awarded creative writing scholarships for next year: Shannon Comes At Night (The Welch), Madison Haynes & Michael Merlo (The Opus), Mielle Hubbard (James Crumley Memorial), Kate Rasmussen (Oval/Fishtrap Fellowship), and Georg Sperl (Margaret Beebe Memorial).

Congrats to Barry Maxwell (first year MFA fiction writer) on being awarded the Husted-Jones Scholarship;  Emma Neslund and Emma Spencer (both first year poets), co-winners of the Goedicke/Robinson Scholarship; Georgia Dennison (second year MFA poet), awarded the Greta Wrolstad Travel Award; Melissa Phelan (first year MFA poet), awarded the Nettie Weber Scholarship; Amanda Wilgus (first year MFA fiction writer), awarded the A.B. Guthrie Memorial Fund; and Callie Atkinson (first year MFA fiction writer), awarded the Alice Passano Hancock Davidson Scholarship.

Congrats to Barry Maxwell (first year MFA fiction writer), Jenny Montgomery (first year MFA poet), Jenny Sheets (first year MFA nonfiction writer), and Robin Walter (first year MFA poet) – all awarded the Bertha Morton Scholarships from the Graduate School!

Congrats to both Miles Jochem and Jonathan Pierce (both first year MFA poets) who will be teaching through the MA Lit program next year!

Sarah Aswell (MFA 2006) has a comedy piece in the New Yorker, “The Only Kitchen Knife in Your Airbnb.”

Mackenzie Cole (MFA 2012), Tony Ruzicka (MFA 2012) and Alicia Mountain (MFA 2015) all have work in They Said: A Multigenre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing.

Rachel Mindell (MA/MFA 2015) has an erasure poem in Verse of April taken from her MA Lit thesis on Anne Carson’s “Autobiography of Red.”

Starred reviews – Alice Bolin’s (MFA 2011) collection of essays Dead Girls - Kirkus, Richard Greenfield’s (MFA 1999) poetry collection Subterranean - Publishers Weekly, Erin Saldin’s young adult novel The Dead Enders – Kirkus, and Melissa Stephenson’s (BA 1998) memoir Driven - Kirkus.

Lehua Taitano (MFA 2010) is featured on LitHub’s New Poetry by Queer Indigenous Women.

The Oval, vol. 11 celebrated its launch with a reading in the Mansfield Library lobby.

Alicia Mountain's (MFA 2015) debut poetry collection "High Ground Coward," winner of the Iowa Prize, was released on April 15. 

Robert Wrigley (MFA 1976) has poems up at decomP.

Henrietta Goodman (MFA 1994) celebrates the release of her third collection of poetry All That Held Us (BkMk Press). She has a review by Sarah Aswell in the Missoula Independent and Chris La Tray in the Missoulian. 

Lisa Kundrat (BA 2004) celebrates the release of her debut poetry collection Speak, Cairn (Finishing Line Press) on May 3, 4 - 5 pm at Drum Coffee on Broadway.

Leisa Greene (BA 2011) has a nonfiction piece titled “Windshield” coming out in the Bright Bones anthology by Open Country Press. Look for it in May.

Ian Bassingthwaighte’s (BA 2004) Live From Cairo is a finalist for the 2018 PEN/Hemingway Award for Debut Fiction.

Elliott Niblock (MFA 2014) will be attending the University of Virginia’s Religious Studies PhD program next fall.

Naomi Kimbell (MFA 2008) has an essay coming out in Bright Bones and another, “Footsteps, Heartbeat, Fire, Voice,” that has been accepted for publication by The Sonder Review for the summer 2018 issue. 

Philip Schaefer’s (MFA 2014) Bad Summon has a lovely write-up in the Kenyon Review.

Lauren Korn (BA 2017) interviews Alicia Mountain (MFA 2015) in the latest issue of Foglifter.

Caylin Capra-Thomas (MFA 2015) has a broadside of her poem “Bigfoot at Sierra Beach” available through the Southeast Review’s kickstarter campaign.

Stephanie Land (BA 2014) and Sarah Aswell (MFA 2006) are teaching a "Business of Writing" class through 406 Writers/Beargrass. Stephanie is also teaching a memoir writing class.

Stephanie Land’s (BA 2014) memoir, Maid, has been selected as an Editors’ Buzz Picks in the adult category for the 2018 Book Expo. Maid will share the stage with 5 other nonfiction and fiction books selected to be big hits in the coming year. Publication date is January 2019.

Jenny Montgomery (first year MFA poet) has a four-page poem in Barrow Street - "Elegy for the Total Amount of Happiness."

The Montana Kaimin published a great article about Barry Maxwell (first year MFA fiction writer) and his Merriam-Frontier Award reading with Georgia Dennison (second year MFA poet).

Robby Nadler (MFA 2011) has been tapped to run the graduate writing program at UC Santa Barbara.

Tess Fahlgren (BA 2015) is one of the new co-directors of the Montana Book Festival.

Rachel Mindell (MA/MFA 2015) has a new chapbook, rib and instep; honey, with above/ground press.

Jasmine Dreame Wagner's (MFA 2010) poem, "Snow Has a Silent Strategy," is published in Vol. 68, No.1 of the Beloit Poetry Journal.

Renée Branum (MFA 2017) has a nonfiction piece, "On Hysteria," in The Limestone Review. 

Henrietta Goodman (MFA 1994) read poems and discussed poetry with Michael Earl Craig (BA 1994), Tami Haaland (MA 1985) and Greg Keeler at the Rialto Theater in Bozeman.


Ed Skoog’s (MFA 1996) poetry collection Run the Red Lights is a finalist for the Oregon Book Award.

John Myers’ (MFA 2010) first poetry collection, Smudgy and Lossy, will be published with The Song Cave later this year.

The Sundance grand jury prize goes to The Miseducation of Cameron Post, a film based on the novel by Emily Danforth (MFA 2006).

Novelist and musician Willy Vlautin gave a craft lecture for The Oval students. The Journal of Roots and Music: No Depression reviews his fifth novel Don’t Skip Out On Me (Faber & Faber, Feb. 2018) and his accompanying album with Richmond Fontaine.

An essay class at the University of North Texas interviewed Barry Maxwell (first year MFA fiction writer) for Essay Daily

Caylin Capra-Thomas (MFA 2015) is a nonfiction finalist with “Sillage” for the Mississippi Review contest.

Thomas Mitchell (MFA 1978) has a new poetry collection with Lost Horse Press, Caribou. 

Rachel Mindell (MA/MFA 2015) has two phenomenal poems in Susan/The Journal.

Robin Walter’s (first year MFA poet) article “A Wilderness Like No Other: Chile’s New Patagonia National Park,” is published in Sierra

Knopf will publish Abi Maxwell’s (MFA 2009) second novel, The Den, spring of 2019.

You can pre-order copies of Andrew Martin’s (MFA 2013) first novel, Early Work, from Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Congrats to Barry Maxwell (first year MFA fiction writer) who was selected as the winner of the Merriam-Frontier Award. Shout out to runner up Georgia Dennison (second year MFA poet).

A big thank you to Skylar Salvatore (second year MFA poet) who represented UM as a judge for the 2018 Western Montana Regional “Poetry Out Loud” competition.

Sean Cleary’s (MFA 2013) story, “Inheritance, Listed,” is in the New Limestone Review. 

Ryan Bell (MFA 2014) has new work in the Columbia Journalism Review

Taylor White, Jason Bacaj and Aya Satoh (second year MFA students) will represent the UM MFA program at Get Lit!

Cecile Berberat (MFA 2014) won the fiction contest for the Baltimore Review with her short story “Lemon Drop.”

Jenny Gropp (BA  2003) has left her position as Editor of the Georgia Review and is directing the Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee.

Jeff Whitney’s (MFA 2012) poem “Dear Phil” (for Phil Schaefer) is in Sixth Finch.

Phil Schaefer’s (MFA 2014) poem “Get Happy” is in Pinwheel.

Richard Robbins’ (MFA  1979) poem, “When the Other Man Asked Him Did He Pray” was featured on Poetry Daily.

Lehua M. Taitano’s (MFA 2010) new collection of poems, “Inside Me An Island,” is available for pre-order and will be released June 2018 with WordTech Poetry.

Amy Ratto-Parks’ verse novel Radial Bloom will be published with Folded Word Press in June.

Erik Armitage, Luke Larkin, Emma McMullen and Elsie Wipplinger - all undergraduate students from Robert Stubblefield's Montana Writers Live! course - have posts about Montana authors on Sarah Aronson's (MFA 2017) The Write Question Blog. 

Emily M. Danforth's (MFA 2006) "The Miseducation of Cameron Post" hits the silver screen.

Professor David Gates’ story, “Texas,” is in the New Yorker. He also discusses unsympathetic characters with Deborah Treisman.

Stephanie Land’s (BA 2014) “Portrait of the Artist as a Single Mom” is in The New York Review of Books.

Barry Maxwell (first year MFA in nonfiction) has a Best of the Net nomination from Split Lip for his essay, "The Good Tenant."

Robin Walter's (first year MFA in poetry) poem, "I Gut the Fish," is featured in Concís.

Georgia Dennison’s (second year MFA in poetry) poem “Mount Saint Helens” is published in the Pacifica Literary Review.

Sterling Holywhitemountain (BA 2005) of the Blackfeet Community College received a Tribal College Humanities Initiatives grant from the NEH for $100,000. His project is called "Enhancing Curriculum with Blackfeet Language and Culture."

Jolene Brink’s (MFA 2016) “What We Lose Giving Away Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante” is in Orion.

Sarah Aronson (MFA 2017) interviews Melissa Kwasny (MFA 1999) on MTPR’s “The Write Question.” They discuss her new collection, “Where Outside the Body is the Soul Today.”

Philip Schaefer’s (MFA 2014) poem, “Get Mad” is in Sporklet.