Alumni, Faculty and Student Publications


A - C

Josie Aaronson-Gelb (M.F.A. 2004): Mice in the Garden (stories, Word Association, 2005 & Merriam-Frontier Award, 2004).

Francesca Abbate (M.F.A. 1995): Troy, Unincorporated (poetry, University of Chicago Press, 2012). Assistant Professor of English at Beloit College.

Sandra Alcosser (M.F.A. 1982)The Blue Vein (Brighton Press, 2005); A Woman Hit by a Meteor (2001); Except by Nature (Graywolf Press, 1998), winner of the Academy’s 1998 James Laughlin Award and selected for the 1997 National Poetry Series; Sleeping Inside the Glacier (in collaboration with artist Michele Burgess,1997); A Fish to Feed All Hunger (poetry, Ahsahta Press,1993) selected by James Tate for the AWP Series in poetry. Alcosser founded the MFA Program in Creative Writing at San Diego State University; served as Montana's first Poet Laureate; and received two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, the Merriam Award for Distinguished Contribution to Montana Literature, a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award, a Pushcart Prize and a Writer's Voice New Voices of the West Award.

Kent Anderson (M.F.A. 1978): Green Sun (fiction, Hachette, 2018); Sympathy for the Devil (fiction, Bantam, 2000)Night Dogs (fiction, Bantam, 1999) New York Times Notable Book; Liquor, Guns & Ammo (McMillan, 1998). Anderson received two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships and has served as Assistant Professor of English at UTEP, El Paso; Creative Writing Instructor at UCLA; and Assistant Professor of English at BSU, Boise.

Grace Arenas (M.F.A. 2017): they'll outlive you all (poetry chapbook, Dancing Girl Press, 2018).

Thomas Aslin (M.F.A. 1980): Salvage (poetry, University of Washington/Lost Horse Press, 2016); A Moon Over Wings (poetry, Clark City Press, 2008); Sweet Smoke (poetry, Red Wing Press, 2006).

David Axelrod (M.F.A. 1984): Folly (poetry, Lost Horse Press, 2013); What Next, Old Knife (poetry, Lost Horse Press, 2012); Departing by a Broken Gate (poetry, Wordcraft of Oregon, 2010); The Cartographer's Melancholy (poetry, Eastern Washington University, 2005); Troubled Intimacies: A Life in the Interior West (essays, Oregon State University Press, 2004); Jerusalem of Grass (poetry, Ahsahta Press, 1992). Co-Director of the Eastern Oregon University low-residency MFA program.

Joseph Babcock (M.F.A. 2014): The King of Big Air (audiobook, Amazon Digital Services, 2013).

John Barnes (M.F.A. 1988): The Last President (Penguin/Ace, 2013); Losers in Space (Penguin Viking, 2012); Raise the Gipper! (Metrocles House, 2012); Daybreak Zero (Penguin/Ace, 2011); Directive 51 (Penguin/Ace, 2010); Tales of the Madman Underground (Penguin/Viking, 2009) named a Michael L. Printz Honor Book by YALSA/ALA in 2010; Payback City (Metrocles House, 2007); The Armies of Memory (Tor, 2006); Gaudeamus (Tor, 2004); A Princess of the Aerie (Aspect/Warner, 2003); In the Hall of the Martian King (Aspect/Warner, 2003); The Sky So Big and Black (Tor, 2002); The Duke of Uranium (Aspect/Warner, 2002); The Merchants of Souls (Tor, 2001); With His Candle Lit Into the Sun (Tor, 2000); The Return (Tor, 2000); The Century Next Door (Science Fiction Book Club, 2000) with Buzz Aldrin; Candle (Tor, 2000); Finity (Tor, 1999); Apostrophes and Apocalypses (Tor, 1998); Earth Made of Glass (Tor, 1998); The Timeline Wars (GuildAmerica, 1997); Patton's Spaceship (HarperPrism, 1997); Washington's Dirigible (HaperPrism, 1997); Caesar's Bicycle (HarperPrism, 1997); One for the Morning Glory (Tor, 1996); Encounter with Tiber (Aspect/Warner, 1996) with Buzz Aldrin; Kaleidoscope Century (Tor, 1995); Mother of Storms (Tor, 1994); A Million Open Doors (Tor, 1992); Wartide (Worldwide Library, 1992) Science Fiction Chronicle's Best Novel for 1992; Battlecry (Worldwide Library Gold Eagle, 1992); Union Fires (Worldwide Library, 1992); Orbital Resonance (Tor, 1991); Sin of Origin (Congdon and Weed, 1988) originated as MFA thesis; The Man Who Pulled Down the Sky (Congdon and Weed, 1987).

Kim Barnes (M.F.A. 1995): In the Kingdom of Men (fiction, Knopf, 2012); A Country Called Home (fiction, Knopf, 2008) PEN Center Literary Award for Fiction 2009; Kiss Tomorrow Hello: Notes from the Midlife Underground by Twenty-Five Women Over Forty (edited with Claire Davis, Doubleday, 2006); Finding Caruso (fiction, Putnam/Marian Wood Books, 2003); The Ashes of August (essay, Pushcart Prize 2002); Hungry for the World: A Memoir (Villard, 2000) Borders Books New Voices selection; In the Wilderness: Coming of Age in Unknown Country (nonfiction, Doubleday, 1996) nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and winner of a Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award; Circle of Women: An Anthology of Contemporary Western Women Writers (edited with Mary Clearman Blew, New York: Viking Penguin, 1994). Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Idaho-Moscow and winner of a PEN/Jerard Award (1995).

Kelly Barth (M.F.A. 1992): My Almost Certainly Real Imaginary Jesus (memoir, Arktoi Press, 2012); Native Americans of the Northwest Plateau (Lucent, 2002); Snakes (Lucent, 2001); Birds of Prey (Lucent, 2000).

Ian Bassingthwaighte (B.A. 2004): Live From Cairo (novel, Scribner, 2017). Awarded a Fulbright to Egypt.

Brian Bedard (M.F.A. 1969): Grieving on the Run (fiction, Snake Nation Press, 2007); Hour of the Beast and Other Stories (Chariton Review Press, 1984). Director of Creative Writing at the University of South Dakota. Elected 2008 South Dakota Author of the Year.

Ralph Beer (M.F.A. 1981): Jackson Creek Road (Casey Peak Press, 2016); In These Hills (nonfiction, Bison Books, 2003) introduction by William Kittredge; The Blind Corral (fiction, Contemporary American Fiction, 1986) winner of the Spur Award.

Caren Beilin (M.F.A. 2011) The University of Pennsylvania (novel, Noemi Press, 2014); Americans, Guests, or Us (chapbook, DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press, 2012). Recipient of a MacDowell Colony Fellowship.

Mark Bennion (M.F.A. 2000): Forsythia (poetry, Aldrich Press, 2014); Psalm & Selah: A Poetic Journey Through the Book of Mormon (Bentley Enterprises, 2009). Department Chair of English and Professor of Creative Writing at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

Candace Black (M.F.A. 1981): Whereabouts (poetry, Snake Nation Press, 2017); Casa Marina (poetry, RopeWalk Press, 2010); The Volunteer (poetry, New Rivers Press, 2003). Professor of Creative Writing at Minnesota State University Mankato.

Sheila Black (M.F.A. 1998): Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability (co-edited with Jennifer Bartlett and Michael Northen, Cinco Puntos Press, 2011); Love/Iraq (poetry, CustomWords Press, 2009); How to be a Maquiladora (poetry, Main Street Rag, 2007); House of Bone (poetry, CustomWords Press, 2007). Teaches at New Mexico State University.

Anna Blackburn (M.F.A.): The Keeping House (poetry, Merriam-Frontier Award, 2017).

Lindsay Bland (M.F.A. 2009): Between the Devil and the Deep (poetry, Dancing Girl Press, 2010).

Laurie Blauner (M.F.A. 1980): The Solace of Monsters (fiction, Leapfrog Press, 2016); It Looks Worse than I Am (poetry, What Books Press, 2014); The Bohemians (fiction, Black Heron Press, 2013); Figments (& other occurrences) (poetry, Dancing Girl Press, 2013); Instructions for Living (fiction, Main Street Rag, 2011); Wrong (poetry, Cherry Grove Collections, 2008); Infinite Kindness (poetry, Black Heron Press, 2007); All This Could Be Yours (poetry, Cherry Grove Collections, 2006); Somebody (poetry, Black Heron Press, 2003); Facing the Facts (poetry, Orchises Press, 2002); Children of Gravity (poetry, Owl Creek Press, 1995); Self-Portrait with and Unwilling Landscape (poetry, Owl Creek Press, 1989); Other Lives (poetry, Owl Creek Press, 1984).

Kristin Bloomer (M.F.A. 1993): Possessed by the Virgin: Hinduism, Roman Catholicism, and Marian Spirit Possession in South India (Oxford University Press, 2018); All This Was Meant to Burn (in collaboration with Amy Linn and Leslie Ryan, nonfiction, Merriam-Frontier Award, 1993). Assistant Professor of Religion and Coordinator of South Asian Studies at Carleton College.

Judy Blunt (M.F.A. 1994): Breaking Clean (nonfiction, Knopf, 2002) winner of the Pen/Jared Award, Mountains and Plains Nonfiction Book Award, Willa Cather Literary Award and selected as a New York Times Notable Book; Not Quite Stone (poetry, Merriam-Frontier Award, 1992). Recipient of a 2001 Whitings Writers' Award, 2004 National Endowment for the Arts Writer's Fellowship, and a 2005 Guggenheim Fellowship. Professor of Creative Writing at University of Montana.

Zan Bockes (M.F.A. 1990): Alibi For Stolen Light (poetry, Foothills Press, 2018); Caught in Passing (poetry, Turning Point Press, 2013).

Justin Boening (B.A. 2007): Not on the Last Day, But the Very Last (National Poetry Series, Milkweed Editions, 2016); Self-Portrait as Missing Person (chapbook, Poetry Society of America, 2012). 

Alice Bolin (M.F.A. 2011): Dead Girls (essay collection, Morrow/Harper Collins, 2018); Motel Diary (poetry chapbook, Poor Claudia, 2014). Visiting Writer for the MFA Creative Writing Program at the University of Memphis.

Christopher Bolin (B.A. 2000): Ascension Theory (poetry, University of Iowa Press, 2013). Recipient of post-graduate fellowships from the University of Iowa and the MacDowell Colony Fellowship. Instructor of Creative Writing at College of Saint Benedict, Saint John's University.

Eric Bosse (M.F.A. 2006): Plant Life (fiction, Ravenna Press, 2013); The Last Few Minutes Before the Bomb (fiction, Ravenna Press, 2013); Magnificent Mistakes (fiction, Ravenna Press, 2011 & Merriam-Frontier Award, 2011). Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Oklahoma-Norman.

David Braden (M.F.A. 19920; Alien Education (play, Big Dog Publishing, 2005); Crink's Christmas (play, Big Dog Publishing, 2005); Sally and the Grouch (play, Big Dog Publishing, 2005).

Jolene Brink (M.F.A. 2016): Peregrine (poetry, Red Bird Press, 2015) winner of the Merriam-Frontier Award.

Frederick Lee Brooke (M.F.A. 1989): The Drone Wars (fiction, Amazon Digital Services, 2015); Saving Raine (fiction, Amazon Digital Services, 2013); Collateral Damage (fiction, Amazon Digital Services, 2013); Zombie Candy (fiction, 2012); Doing Max Vinyl (fiction, 2011).

Malcolm Brooks (B.A. 1999): Painted Horses (fiction, Grove Atlantic, 2015).

Robert Oliver Brown (M.F.A. 1987): The Sleeping Ute (fiction, Tate Publishing, 2005).

Glendon Brunk (M.F.A. 1995): Yearning Wild: Exploring the Last Frontier and the Language of the Heart (memoir, Invisible Cities press, 2001).

Trina Burke (M.F.A. 2008): Battledore (poetry, Slash Pine Press, 2017); Wreck Idyll (poetry, Dancing Girl Press, 2013); The Best Divorce (poetry, Alice Blue Books, 2012); Great America (poetry, Dancing Girl Press, 2011).

Derick Burleson (M.F.A. 1996): Use (poetry, Calypso Editions, 2012); Melt (poetry, Marick Press, 2012); Never Night (poery, Marick Press, 2007); Ejo: Poems, Rwanda 1991-94 (University of Wisconsin Press, 2000). Served as Director of MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Ralph Burns (M.F.A. 1997): Ghost Notes (poetry, Oberlin College Press, 2001); Swamp Candles (poetry, Oberlin College Press, 1996); Mozart's Starling (poetry, Oberlin College press, 1990); Any Given Day (poetry, Oberlin College Press, 1985); Windy Tuesday Nights (poetry, Oberlin College Press, 1984); US (poetry, Oberlin College Press, 1983). Winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize and two National Endowment for the Arts.

Matt Byrne (M.F.A. 1999): Silent Partner (poetry, Sow's Ear Press, 2013).

Heather Cahoon (M.F.A. 2005): Elk Thirst (poetry, Merriam-Frontier Award, 2005). Instructor of Native American Studies at the University of Montana.

Anne Calcango (M.F.A. 1984): Love Like a Dog (novel, CreateSpace, 2010); editor of Travelers' Tales: Italy (essays, Travelers' Tales Guides, 1996) winner of Best Travel Book of 1996; Pray for Yourself (short stories, TriQuarterly Books/Northwestern University Press, 1993). Recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and Adjunct Associate Professor of Creative Writing Program at the School of the Arts Institute, Chicago.

Kathy Callaway (M.F.A.1979): Heart of the Garfish (fiction, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1982); The Bloodroot Flower (fiction, Knopf, 1982).

Kevin Canty (B.A. 1988): The Underworld (novel, Norton, 2017); Everything (novel, Nan A. Talese, 2010); Where the Money Went (stories, Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, 2009); Winslow in Love (novel, Vintage, 2006); Honeymoon (stories, Vintage, 2002); Nine Below Zero (novel, Vintage, 2000); Into the Great Wide Open (novel, Vintage, 1997); A Stranger in This World (stories, Vintage, 1995). Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Montana.

Caylin Capra-Thomas (M.F.A. class of 2015): Inside My Electric City (poetry, YesYes Books, 2017); The Marilyn Letters (poetry chapbook, Dancing Girl Press, 2013).

David Allan Cates (M.F.A. 1992): The Mysterious Location of Kyrgyzstan (poetry, CreateSpace, 2016); Tom Connor's Gift (fiction, Bangtail Press, 2014); Ben Armstrong's Strange Trip Home (fiction, 2012) winner of the Gold Medal for best fiction from the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards; Freeman Walker (fiction, Unbridled Books, 2008); X Out of Wonderland: A Saga (fiction, Steerforth, 2005); Hunger in America (fiction, Summit Books, 1992) New York Times Notable Book.

Victor Charlo (B.A. 1971): Put Sey (Good Enough) (poetry, Many Voices Press, 2008). Served as Montana Poet Laureate.

Colin Chisholm (M.F.A. 1995): A Manual of the Climate and Diseases of Tropical Countries (essays, Forgotten Books, 2012); Through Yup'ik Eyes: An Adopted Son Explores the Landscape of Family (nonfiction, Alaska Northwest Books, 2000).

Kate M. Cholewa (M.F.A. 1990): Shaking Out the Dead (fiction, Story Plant, 2014).

Patricia Clark (M.F.A. 1980): Sunday Rising (poetry, Michigan State University Press, 2013); She Walks Into the Sea (poetry, Michigan State University Press, 2009); Given The Trees (poetry, Voices From the Land, 2009); My Father on a Bicycle (poetry, Michigan State University Press, 2005); North of Wondering (poetry, Grand Valley State University, 2003); Worlds in Our Words: Contemporary American Women Writers (co-author, Prentice Hall, 1996). Professor of Creative Writing at Grand Valley State University.

Eileen Clarke (M.F.A. 1984): Sausage Season (cookbook, Deep Creek Press, 2013);  Upland Game Bird Cookery (cookbook, Ducks Unlimited Inc., 2003); Game on the Grill: The Art of Barbecuing, Grilling, and Smoking Wild Game (cookbook, Voyageur Press, 2001); Duck and Goose Cookery (cookbook, Ducks Unlimited Inc., 2001); Classic Freshwater Fish Cooking (cookbook, Voyageur Press, 1998); The Queen of the Legal Tender Saloon (novel, Greycliff Publishing Company, 1997); Classic Fish Cookery (cookbook, North American Outdoor Group, 1997); The Art of Wild Game Cooking (cookbook, Voyageur Press, 1996); The Freshwater Fish Cookbook (cookbook, Voyageur Press, 1996); The Venison Cookbook (cookbook, Voyageur Press, 1996).

July Oskar Cole (M.F.A. 2010): Dam Nation: Dispatches From the Water Underground (edited with Cleo Woelfle-Erksine and Laura Allen, Soft Skull Press, 2007).

Phil Condon (M.F.A. 1989): Nine Ten Again (fiction, Elixer Press, 2009); Circuits and Bumps (memoir, Trafford, 2007); Clay Center (fiction, Eastern Washington University, 2004); Montana Surround: Land, Water, Nature, and Place (nonfiction, Johnson Books, 2004); River Street: A Novella and Stories (Southern Methodist University Press, 1994). Associate Professor of Environmental Writing at the University of Montana.

Gary J. Cook (M.F.A. 1980): A Murder of Wolves (fiction, Inari Publishing, 2013); Lonewalker (fiction, Inari Publishing, 2012); Blood Trail (fiction, Dennis McMillan, 2006);The Secret Land (fiction, StonePrint Press, 1999);Graveyard Rules (fiction, Pocket Books, 1988).

Joshua Corey (M.F.A. 1999): Beautiful Soul: An American Elegy (novel, Spuyten Duyvil Press, 2014); The Barons (poetry, Omnidawn Publishing, 2014); Severance Songs (poetry, Tupelo Press, 2011); Hope and Anchor (poetry, Noemi Press, 2007); Compos(t)ition Marble (poetry, Pavement Saw Press, 2006) winner of the 2006-2006 Chapbook Award; Fourier Series (poetry, Spineless Books, 2005); Selah (poetry, Barrow Street Press, 2003) winner of the 2002 Barrow Street Book Prize; Planets of a Cold Spring (poetry, Merriam-Frontier Award, 1998). Assistant Professor of English at Lake Forest College.

Peter Corley-Smith (M.F.A. 1971): Pilots to Presidents: British Columbia Aviation Leaders and Pioneers, 1930-1960 (Sono Nis Press, 2001); Helicopters in the High Country: 40 Years of Mountain Flying (Sono Nis Press, 1995); Bush Flying to Blind Flying: British Columbia's Aviation Pioneers 1930 - 1940 (Sono Nis Press, 1994); 10,000 Hours: Reminiscences of a Helicopter Bush Pilot (Sono Nis Press, 1994); Barnstorming to Bush Flying: British Columbia's Avaition Pioneers 1910 - 1930 (Sono Nis Press, 1989); White Bears and Other Curiosities: The First 100 Years of the Royal British Columbia Museum (Gazelle Distribution Trade, 1989); Rocks, Rigs & Roughnecks: British Columbia's Oil and Gas Story (Royal British Columbia Museum, 1988); Helicopters: The British Columbia Story (with Dave Parker, CANAV Books, 1985); The Ring of Time: The Story of the British Columbia Provincial Museum (Gazelle Distribution Trade, 1985).

Lana Costantini (M.F.A. 1983): Strategies for Reading (textbook, Continental Press, 1992).

Michael Earl Craig (B.A. 1994): Talkativeness (poetry, Wave Books, 2014); Jombang Jet (poetry chapbook, Hollow Factory Press, 1992); Thin Kimono (poetry, Wave Books, 2010); Yes, Master (poetry, Fence Books, 2004); Can You Relax in My House (poetry, Fence Books, 2006). Served as Montana Poet Laureate.

Giano Cromley (M.F.A. 2001): The Last Good Halloween (novel, Tortoise Books, 2014).

Molly Curtis (M.F.A. 2010): Balsamroot (poetry chapbook, Redbird, 2017); After Touring the Body Room (poetry chapbook, Dancing Girl Press, 2014); Mouths Full of Glass in the Abandoned Bathhouse (poetry, Zero Ducats Collective, 2009).

D - F

Emily Danforth (M.F.A. 2006): The Miseducation of Cameron Post (Fiction, HarperCollins, 2012) winner of the 2012 Montana Book Award and the High Plains Award for young adult book, the film made from this book won the 2018 Sundance Grand Jury Prize. Professor of Creative Writing and Literature at Rhode Island College.

Claire Davis (M.F.A. 1993): Labors of the Heart: Stories (St. Martin's Press, 2006); Kiss Tomorrow Hello: Notes from the Midlife Underground by Twenty-Five Women Over Forty, (edited with Kim Barnes, Doubleday, 2006); Season of the Snake (fiction, Picador, 2005); Winter Range: a Novel (Picador, 2000) winner of the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Award and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award for Best First Novel. Professor of Creative Writing at Lewis and Clark State College and Pacific University.

Francis Davis (M.F.A. 1996): West of Love (fiction, Brighthorse, 2017). Assistant Professor of English at University of Montana Western.

Jon Davis (M.F.A. 1985): Dayplaces (translated from Arabic with the author, Iraqi poet Naseer Hassan, Tebot Bach Press, 2015); Heteronomy: An Anthology (in collaboration with the artist Jamison Chas Banks, La Nana Creek Press, 2015); Loving Horses (poetry, Palace Printing, 2014); Thelonious Sphere (poetry, Q Ave Press, 2014); Preliminary Report (poetry, Copper Canyon Press, 2010); Local Color (poetry, Palanquin Press, 1995); The Hawk. The Road. The Sunlight After the Clouds. (poetry, Owl Creek Press, 1995); Scrimmage of Appetite (Akron Series in Poetry/University of Akron Press, 1995) winner of the Lannan Literary Award in Poetry; Dangerous Amusements (Ontario Review Press, 1987) winner of the I.B. Lavan Prize from the Academy of American Poets; West of New England (poetry, Merriam-Frontier Award, 1983). Recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships and a GE Younger Writers Award. Founder and Director of the MFA in Creative Writing at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Poet Laureate of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Michael Davis (M.F.A. 1988): Gravity (fiction, Carnie Mellon, 2009).

Brett DeFries (M.F.A. 2011): The Light at the End of the Tunnel is Another Train Headed Our Direction (poetry, New Delta Review, 2012).

Bruce Dehnert (B.A. 1978): Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook (Abram's Publishing, 2013, Amazon Bestseller).

Jesse Delong (B.A. 2008): Tearings and Other Poems (Curly Head Press, 2010).

Rick DeMarinis (M.A. 1967): El Paso Twilight (fiction, Bangtail Press, 2015); Mama's Boy (fiction, Seven Stories Press, 2010); Apocalypse Then: New Novellas and Stories (Seven Stories Press, 2004); Sky Full of Sand (fiction, Dennis McMillan, 2003); A Clod of Wayward Marl (fiction, Dennis McMillan, 2001); The Art & Craft of the Short Story (nonfiction, Story Press Books, 2000); Borrowed Hearts: New and Selected Stories (Seven Stories Press, 1999); The Mortician's Apprentice (fiction, Norton, 1994); The Voice of America: Stories (Harper Perennial, 1992); Coming Triumph of the Free World: Stories (Norton, 1991); The Year of the Zinc Penny (fiction, Norton, 1989); A Lovely Monster: The Adventures of Claude Rains and Dr. Tellenbeck (fiction, Simon and Schuser, 1975); Under the Wheat (fiction, University of Pittsburgh, 1986); The Burning Women of Far Cry (fiction, Arbor House, 1986); Cinder (fiction, Avon, 1980); Jack & Jill (fiction, EP Dutton, 1978); Scimitar (fiction, EP Dutton, 1977). Two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, Literature Award from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, University of Montana Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bryan Di Salvatore (M.F.A. 1976): A Clever Base-Ballist: The Life and Times of John Montgomery Ward (nonfiction, Pantheon, 1999).

Jeanne Dixon (M.F.A. 1989): The Tempered Wind (fiction, Athenuem, 1987); Savages (fiction, Merriam-Frontier Award, 1987); Lady Cat Lost (fiction, Anthenuem, 1981).

Chris Dombrowski (M.F.A. 2001) : Body of Water (nonfiction, Milkweed Editions, 2016); Earth Again (poetry, Wayne State University Press, 2013); By Cold Water (poetry, Wayne State University Press, 2009); Fragments with Dusk in Them (poetry chapbook, 2008).

Chad Dundas (M.F.A. 2006): Champion of the World (novel, Putnam, 2016).

Keith Dunlap (M.F.A. 2000): Storyland (poetry, Hip Pocket Press, 2016). 

Laura Dunn (M.F.A. 2009): Spider Blue (poetry chapbook, Dancing Girl Press, 2014); The Snow Queen: A Folk Opera (album, 2014)).

Quinton Duval (M.F.A. 1974): Among Summer Pines (poetry, Rattlesnake Press, 2008); Joe's Rain (poetry, Cedar House Press, 2005); Dinner Music (poetry, Lost Roads Press, 1984); Guerilla Letters (poetry, Quarterly West Press, 1976).

Debra Magpie Earling (Professor of Creative Writing):The Lost Journals of Sacajewea (Koch editions, 2010); Perma Red (novel, Putnam, 2002) winner of the American Book Award, Western Writers Association Spur Award, WWA's Medicine Pipe Bearer Award for Best First Novel and a WILLA Literary Award. 

Matthew Eck (M.F.A. 2004): The Farther Shore (fiction, Milkweed, 2007) selected as one of the National Book Foundation's "5 Under 35" for 2008 and a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Award. Associate Professor of English at the University of Central Missouri.

Martha Elizabeth (M.F.A. 1992): Night Lights and Morning Glories (poetry, Pudding House, 2003); The Return of Pleasure (Confluence Press, 1996); Basics of the Dance (University of North Texas Press, 1990); Grow Old Along With Me (anthology, Paier-Mache Press, 1996); Inheritance of Light (anthology, University of North Texas Press, 1996).

Rhian Ellis (M.F.A. 1995): After Life: a novel (Viking, 2000).

Jake Ellison Jr. (M.F.A. 1990): Sons of Wayne: A Post-Modern Western Gothic (novel, CreateSpace, 2015).

Charles Entrekin (M.F.A. 1974)The Art of Healing (nonfiction, co-authored with Gail Rudd Entrekin, Poetic Matrix Press, 2016); The Berkeley Poets Cooperative: A History of the Times (editor and contributor, anthology, Hip Pocket Press, 2013); Listening: New & Selected Work (Poetic Matrix Press, 2010); Red Mountain: Birmingham, Alabama, 1965 (fiction, El Leon Literary Arts, 2008); In This Hour (Berkeley Poets Workshop & Press, 1989); Casting for Cutthroat & Other Poems (Berkeley Poets Workshop & Press, 1980); Casting for Cutthroat (Thunder City Press, 1977); All Pieces of a Legacy (Berkeley Poets Workshop & Press, 1975).

Wendy Erman (M.F.A. 1995): Vicinity (poetry, Merriam-Frontier Award, 2001).

Bettina Escudero (M.F.A. 1982): Bearing Witness-Sobrevivendo: An Anthology of Writing and Art by Native American-Latina Women (edited with Naomi Morena, Kathleen Reyes, Mary Tallmountain and Jonathon Cochran, Calyx Books, 1986).

Lee Evans (M.F.A. 1990): The Fisherman's Widow (poetry, Merriam-Frontier Award, 1989).

Lucas Farrell (M.F.A. 2008): The Many Woods of Grief (poetry, University of Massachusetts Press, 2011) winner of the 2010 Juniper Prize for Poetry.

Kelly Kathleen Ferguson (M.F.A. 2008): My Life as Laura: How I Searched for Laura Ingalls Wilder and Found Myself (nonfiction, Press 53, 2011). Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Southern Utah University.

Richard Fifield (B.A. 1998): The Flood Girls (novel, Simon & Schuster, 2015), television rights sold to Drew Barrymore, Gina Rodriguez, and CBS Studios.

Gil Filar (M.F.A. 2013): I, Iconoclast (poetry chapbook, WithWords Press, 2007).

William Finnegan (M.F.A. 1978): Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life (nonfiction, Penguin, 2015) winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Autobiography; Cold New World: Growing Up in a Harder Country (nonfiction, Random House, 1998); A Complicated War: The Harrowing of Mozambique (nonfiction, University of California, 1992); Crossing the Line: A Year in the Land of Apartheid (nonfiction, HarperCollins, 1986), selected by the New York Times Book Review as one of the ten nonfiction books of the year. Staff writer for The New Yorker.

Ellen Finnigan (M.F.A. 2008): The Me Years (memoir, Sixty Suns Publishing, 2011); The Desired Thing (nonfiction, Merriam-Frontier Award, 2009).

Dana Fitz Gale (M.F.A. 2013): Spells for Victory and Courage (fiction, Brighthorse Press, 2016).

Michael Fitzgerald (M.F.A. 2000): Radiant Days: A Novel (Shoemaker & Hoard, 2007). Co-founder of Submittable.

Steven Flick (M.F.A. 1975): Creative Writing for Counselors and Their Clients (nonfiction, Borderline, 2009); Teller's Last Band (novel, iUniverse, 2001).

Jenny Flynn (M.F.A. 1996): Loss is the Great Lesson (nonfiction, Merriam-Frontier Award, 1994).

Joshua Fomon (M.F.A. 2013) Though We Bled Meticulously (poetry, Black Ocean, 2016).

Peter Fong (M.F.A. 1992): Principles of Navigation (novel, New Rivers Press, 2013).

Joan Fox (M.F.A. 1991): Listening to Cougar (fiction, University Press of Colorado, 2007).

Joel Frederich (M.F.A. 1992): In the Valley of Tongue (Silverfish Review Press, 2009). Assistant Professor of English and Communication at the University of Wisconsin, Barron County.

G - I

Kate Gadbow (M.F.A. 1986): Pushed to Shore: a novel (Sarabande, 2003).

Marshall Gaddis (M.F.A. 1996): Forebear (fiction, Shivaree Publishing, 2016).

Jeff Gailus (M.F.A. class of 2016): The Grizzly Manifesto (nonfiction, RMB, 2013); Little Black Lies (nonfiction, RMB, 2013). Adjunct Associate Professor of Journalism at the University of Montana.

Megan Gannon (M.F.A. 2002): Cumberland (novel, Apprentice House, 2014); The Witch's Index (poetry, Sweet Publications, 2013); White Nightgown (poetry, Apprentice House, 2014); I, NE (collaborative poetry chapbook, Small Fires Press, 2009). Anthologized in Best American Poetry 2006: "List of First Lines" (edited by Billy Collins, Simon & Schuster, 2006). Assistant Professor of English at Ripon College.

Shaun Gant (M.F.A. 1984): Grammar Poems (UM School of Education, 2003); Book of Cowgirl Poetry(poetry, Touch Light Press, 2003); Whisk, Lyric, Logic (poetry, Touch Light Press, 2002). Awarded two NEH Literature Fellowships. Full length plays produced: Emily and Adrienne, Women, I Believe; Y2K.comedy, Poetical Science, Keepers, The Visitors, Shiver, Logical Deductions, The Oulipo Murders, Driving it In, Cosmic Surgery, Girls Eye View, Aboard the Doppler and Scrubbing the Wolf.

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S - T

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Aaron Shulman (M.F.A. 2009): Shulman's work has been published in The Believer, The American Scholar, The New Republic, and The Literary Review, among others. He is a regular contributor to The Los Angeles Review of Books and his first book, a narrative history of the Panero family of Spain, will be published by Ecco/HarperCollins in 2018. Awarded a Fulbright Fellowship, Guatemala 2009.

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U - W

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X - Z

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